12 March 2019

Campervan Kevin Dog Health Issues, Wayward Man Van Breakdown

More Woof Pack health issues for Campervan Kevin. A Wayward Man faces a van breakdown and a steep repair bill even though he has an extended warranty.

Oh No van broken-down drama a wayward

man uh-oh something's wrong I was just saying is that the old well is typical in a normal car you use the ebrake you know you pork and egg right which is unfortunately don't have either one of those oh no oh no something happened with the rear brakes they still got all wound up and then froze my back wheels going down the street literally just well everything flew forward and the van slid and then I had to drag it into a parking lot with its front wheels and they just told me at the dealership I had to have a tow to the dealership yesterday and it's gonna cost well five thousand dollars to fix it and it's not covered under the extended warranty that I purchased for like three thousand dollars when I bought the thing brand new because they claim it's my fault they're saying that I drove with the ebrake lawn which I did not do first of all you can't drive with the ebrake on because it makes a horrible sound like as soon as you start to move but he was wouldn't be able to do that yeah Wow Wow bummer there bummer even though he has an extended warranty they're not gonna pay for it huh hey

when you get those extended warranties read the fine print you know $3,000 doesn't cover this I don't know I don't know well hopefully he'll work this out and at least get them to cover some of it huh what Adam the room who's he hanging out with now with you you gotta hold on to the past you've gotta find every little piece no matter how dirty or Krusty Large Marge sent us here I knew you would be here Justin cuz Large Marge told me you would be here she wanted you to this probably need to join you shall you shall I Adam and Justin scarred their back together again oh yeah exploring some California oddities yeah I'm noticing a little bit of retro in Adams channel lately you know he's he did a video the other day where he was kind of showing some old footage of some bygone theme-park there in Orlando and what it's now become and now we got Adam and Justin back together again oh no mamrie's maybe a little retro Adam that can't be a bad thing now can it but what actually happened as I told in the last sort of the last sentence of the

last video I said I called a locksmith and they're gonna come in this for the cost me $400 so since then the locksmith scheme could cost me $400 then I went to gas town and made a new video in my bus because I now had a key and then I today I went to the tobe gardens in my bus because I now have a key Wow watch this key more drama the bottom of YouTube nomads lost his key $400 $400 - that's insane well I guess those weird Fabi keys you know I don't know they're expensive that's what you got gosh bring on the old keys I don't know man that's uh that's a lot of money isn't it oh my goodness hey Mikey it's very stuffy feeling we are here in Slidell Louisiana we've left New Orleans I've been here for a couple days and she's heading east that's right east eastward bound that's right you know she I think she said South Carolina maybe more deep say have some relatives there yeah but is that real chicken I dunno man early hopefully it's bright sunny go to the park and then go to the beach and then stay there for the rest of the day

sounds like a plan alright hey if you're coming east there's always Athens Georgia that's right you kind of got it if you're going to South Carolina you got to kind of go through Georgia then hang a left I don't know man look up meet up I'm loved I would love to interview her hey you know I think that would be a blast I'll give you a tour of we can meet Ben we could be bad the traffic lady yeah yeah I think I'm gonna be harsh and say I think this is my least favorite campground myself island trip so far I racially stayed me worse I don't I don't like to feel this place at all and the showers you've got an old man just sitting outside watching everyone go in which I don't like oh that's night that's wait wait wait my dock siders not down there in New Zealand dizzy no no it's not him it's not him nevermind I just hey New Zealand traveling kay they got nomads down there too right and some creepy campgrounds and the showers were clean but I didn't feel clean you know what I mean so I'm gonna make the most of being in

this location I'm gonna go out exploring all right all right hey oh that's olive green all those Kambo huh kind of an emergency repair so I found this plastic sheet it was like $30 25 or $30 oh man that's just pretty cool and so when I actually started to load it into the truck and I had to bend it to get it through this narrow door because it was a four by eight sheet so I had to bend it to get it in hey crack this is the finished result all right little also the road Rob there he's got a homemade camper which is kind of cool how many youtubers do that pomade and got some serious water damage from all that rain and snow out there in Missouri now he's down and I think Florida getting it fixed up and upper is made out of what is called blue on it's an eight it's kind of like a laminated wood wood material sorry boss all right money is doing to get that put that that get that thing fixed up for the spring there's a wonderful channel I highly recommended Arthur there Arthur he does great videos of cemeteries and all the famous people buried there he had a he had a guess a contest if you could call it that where

people could send him their local cemeteries he gave instructions on how to film you know do nice slow pans and stuff like that so he got a whole bunch of people in places like Pennsylvania and Louisiana and all these other places you he's usually out in LA in the LA area he's come to New York a couple of times but he's got a bunch of people out in the Midwest and stuff sending him clips Mickey Mantle out Houston yeah a lot of these people you wouldn't know David Brenner really really interesting people and he does a lot of history with them too Leon Russell and look at that yeah Wow Leon Russell and that big piano there that is really something else and well whatever they keep wanting to show me Wiley Post here but he's cool too check him out Hollywood graveyards and and Arthur Arthur Jimmy the hobo investing in myself and my future and this channel that's right well he's been trying rebuilding that channel for quite a while I guess the I don't know if he's tried many different things driving around in a taxi kind of uber and filming people and then trying to get some stuff on the financial markets and bitcoins and I don't know

he's just been trying a lot of things and I don't know man I don't know what else to tell him troll travel trolls TV taking it out in the island of mall that's right he's walking the entire coast the antenna at the post went up through the middle part of the British a great britain there to raise money for his girlfriend's dad's health issues and stuff like that and there's some really nice stuff there yeah look at this it's just absolutely gorgeous it's just a tall skinny tower I don't know how much of it we can actually go in what wait and there's amazing all right so yeah no and there no overnight parties so yeah they're back driving around but anyway continuing the trek from south to north really really beautiful stuff there the one that's on the tripod right now I got a lot of cameras because I like to try new things my camera equipment expanded as I explored the target these possibilities well I'm not gonna cover everything but at least give you the basics and the first camera I want to talk about is this one here yeah it's his squeaky cam that's right slim potato had good videos always for mr. Potato

Head it's not his real name yes he changed it anyway your canadian buddy in the a-frame trailer there yeah some that's that looks oh if you can't see it cuz I'm shooting that looks like that looks like Sun of squeaky cam kinda oh dear good video there yeah a lot of that's another obligatory video that you do if you're a nomad what kind of cameras do I use but he does it very another good video from the Tim tracker his wife yeah they're they're really doing some fancy stuff there they're getting invited to a lot of Disney promo stuff down at Disney World they've been doing like crazy restaurants and food tastings and a lot of cool stuff from them really enjoy them I'm gonna back down there one of these days that's right life isn't easy just because you live in an RV okay guys cvk cranking out another where is he alright alright he's heading west or east he's heading east head east young man that's right well thankfully they're all getting out of the Yuma area yeah it's about time huh alright yeah we got an update on the wolf pack they're

one of the dogs had a nasty sore on the bottom of its tongue which was burned off and he's getting everything he's getting all the dogs checked out and and back to the vet and dealing with the wolf pack on the road it's a lot of work baby and I've researched tongue cancer and dogs and the treatment it's just horrible for them and you know they're sick scared they don't know what's going on and you might just buy a year the first things first we're going to check for see how the pancreatitis is doing and then we'll tackle this other issue it'll be first lowest ill it'll be three four days four get the blood work back she's gonna send it out here alright so so so Joe keeping our fingers crossed for the wolf pack they're some of the most beloved dogs at the bottom of YouTube and good luck to campervan Kevin it's tough it is tough you know one dogs enough but three of them and their health issues is a lot of work oh you ain't right and I don't mean to drag this thing on and on about martini I'm not trying to create drama okay but I share my life with you what's going on and that's what's going on good bad not gonna show you the vet bail either right

yeah yeah Wow we've we've had some other bottome youtubers do that look at what it cost anyway alright folks hey thank you so much for watching 12th of March 2019 camo Dave Channel yeah that's right I don't know man alright folks thanks for watching vlog on