13 December 2017

Can I Touch Your Butt?

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Yo whoever gets the farthest wins oh shit what do we win? You win my channel oh shit

That shit didn't even work yall really spent 24 hours on this for this. Bro he's about to hit it. Oh shit OH SHIT You gotta be light on your feet So Banks and Alissa aren't home, so I'm just giving them some company. What's up dude Wow okay? It's like that? Oh shit he just almost bit my finger yo guys, so we're going to the mall But I just need to wear a mask coz everywhere. I go. I always get stopped. We can never just shop peacefully People are gonna literally look at you like why is this kid doing that and they're gonna be like What so where are we going today? *sings* we're going to the mall I'm holding tampons in my hand Because that's um girl problems I'm showing him Instagram models who copy me Not like you know take inspiration, but they're copying her My coffee one with the same pants Dude is this not copying me? And I had to like it just to be like I see you bitch I need to get a dog. Her dog's name is Rari aka Ferrari, and that's the Ferrari store. So we're basically at the mall right now no one has caught or Can you not see anything you just walked into the wall But we're in the mall right now we're trying to stay lowkey because we're just trying to be in and out Look mono heads Stop by the store pick up some heat, I'll buy you anything you want get whatever, I'm taking you on a date to wetzel's pretzel Rice what does this say? Okay, that's racist cuz I don't know this looks ridiculously good Want me to get it for you? Would you do that for me? You bought so much stuff is this like a hat That dog is really lucky right now

Who's littler him or my boobs? I like that laugh I was just thinking that shirt that I just bought was like three hundred and fifty dollars whatever it was one shirt That was like 30 items dawg So why we in the boys boxer section Sommer Because sometimes my underwear just doesn't fit my dick I found you some underwear Alright we decided to dip the mall and hit this what uh drug deal or sum why are we in this random uh Well I was thinking that it might be a little scary to go in the dark ally But since rice knows karate We had to go through some sketchy area, but we came out alive he really does where boy boxers I don't know what she's trying to tell me Guys are still out. I don't care. I still love her man you guys know I'm gonna buy him to this one No, I think you just share it cuz I'm on a budget Because I've been tough. I swear to God anyone comments. I wore this shirt like two vlogs go OK I only work for half the fireworks like four hours that means that you wear this for like five more hours it Let's take it off after don't think I wear the same thing every day And you guys know how summers room is really messy. I really like how she's taking a step and trying to fix it We really are so much hangers No, you don't I think this is enough hangers. Do you believe in Santa Claus? What do you want for christmas? Car is borderline hitting the roof Yeah, we were freaking out, but like we had a ton of space though. We're here at Target there, so danger there What is that what your leg right? right so so to be Sober has to pee I believe the restroom is this way I'm gonna go faster Exactly at all the back oh, I'm gonna try to put some speed on it Oh Gracie love see it keep down. I love Target. Please don't get us to anything they're stupid you can do this How you said I do karate earlier so what do karate do karate people like to drink

That vitamin D milk boy yes, you can share this milk But yeah guys we're in the car now heading home, you know the drill how was your day was really fun oh You are you're driving so here just open up Obviously with one eye open You know the best feeling in the world is coming home to a clean room and knowing that you didn't even clean it the maid Said I love you amazing your wife. This job remember at the mall. I bought that present for the dog. Let's give it to them Yo, they're already liking it they're already like it They really are fighting yo, you don't roulette you. I should have bought to man not buy you a shot yo, okay. Love it alright Are you seriously complimenting other rice, did you know I get jealous? Paedon breath But yeah guys, it's been a long day, and I really appreciate if you guys made it to the end wait a minute Wait a minute I do not have a clickbait and that is a big big problem because I need to get my views up So hold on I know who can help us Summer summer will they stop it Rory come on I thought we were cool it. Yeah, yeah, I need a clickbait Just yeah, yeah like do that look come over here video turner all right boom boom boom All right wait wait do you think like just for the thumbnail? Can I like touch it? I'm in the Hills my soldiers did a hunter mail