23 April 2019

Care Bears Disney Animal Style Episode 10 Tod's Bad Day Part 1

Here Are The Tenth Episode Is Tod's Bad Day. Tod Is Going Win Some Prizes To Beat Creeper At The Family Picnic Race. Koda Is Ready To Stop Creeper And ...

I wouldn't miss the Care Bear family

picnics or anything I think it's only fair to warn you this year I'm gonna win some of those prizes don't get your hopes up they don't call me champ there for nothing to be a winner ya have to practice and I have no one's going to win any prizes if we don't pick them up all of hearts straight ahead [Music] I'll get the prizes right now yeah [Music] I've always wanted to do that [Music] [Music] [Music] you are wonderful champ it was nothing cheer hey I could have taken care of beastly myself sure you good little buddy are you okay bright heart let's get the prizes letter champ I'm going to the Care Bear family picnic and be a winner well we better get going chance waiting hurry up you two we don't want to be late picnic even with champ there [Music] [Music] family picnic officially open all the contestants for the first race this is

my chance to show champ I'm a winner but breakheart you don't have to prove you're a winner the first runner to reach the top of Pleasant wins [Music] [Music] I knew I could be chair right heart [Music] [Music] I'm slipping [Music] nothing come on I wanna miss [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]