30 January 2019

Caring for Giants Tour at Disney Animal Kingdom Full Tour Review

So let me start off by saying this a MUST DO next time you are at Disney's Animal Kingdom! This tour was so informative and entertaining! We got to learn the ...

all right so good morning this is

probably the earliest I've ever at animal kingdom anywho so this morning we're gonna go to the gentle giant store over by the safari I'm gonna let you guys know how that is hopefully I can take the camper with us and show you some of the things highlights of the tour we were kind of hungry before our tour so we decided to grab some snacks and we got a cookies and cream cupcakes in a haystack so I will show you where you can get those over at Animal Kingdom so we're gonna eat our snack and then it should be time for us to go check in for our tours [Music] I just need one person oh my god love your magic all right beautiful oh thank you thank you but this unique wonderful house here not too bad is probably going to be getting a lot of elephants one hour back seems toured with no restrooms available all right so as we wait for our flu I'm just watching for the safari just and easily over here but he is these gates until it's time for your safari and it should be starting any minute so I'm super excited to take you guys on this

we're going to be going to go see some elephants here pretty soon so just a little bit of background information before we get going so our elephants they have a credit good bit of plan so that they can roam around on with that being said you might be walking around a little bit just back and forth so you can see those elephants don't worry you won't be walking miles and miles to go see them I did just want to warn you that you might be walking from one side to the other of our berm to get the best viewing of those elephants secondly I'm going to ask that as soon as we walk behind me I'm going to ask for no phones or photography just up kind of preserve some of that magic but as soon as we get out to the berm where those elephants are feel free you can take out those phone takes as many pictures as you would like of it because like I said was soon as whenever I see an elephant I know I would want to take as many pictures as I could Wow and less than not least you might be exposed to some different allergens such as digging inviting but he is peanuts grasses all those sorts of things don't worry it will be rolling around in a big

pile of hay you're not going to be eating a peanutbutter fudge sundae that's bet for the elephants but I did want to warn you that those different allergens could potentially be in the air if you are allergic to any of those things and you do have some questions or concerns feel free to let me know and I can pass that along to our team but don't work it like I said they're in the air you're going to be anywhere from 30 to 50 feet away from those elephants so they're not super close as well good are we ready [Music] walking this way meteor running the show making sure everyone behaved Wow she is yeah she's the oldest so usually the matriarch is going to be the oldest because if you think about it in the wild they're the ones that have to leave the herd to do it in water since they've been around the longest they go the most places it's right so beo so has been here the longest as well so she's been here since the park bit so she kind of knows she knew the ropes who's also our biggest female we have she's a

little over nine they do yeah so Stella currently is still nursing then you'll notice too if we see mom they don't have others they actually have mammary glands are actually right underneath their armpits so you'll notice that - it's not like others like any other other animals but yeah Stella still in the nursing process however mom is weaning her at the moment elephants for nurse for a minimum of about two years Donna tends to like to nurse to the minimum actually we into Alaska at about two minutes so what you'll see is if Stella wants to try and nurse Donna occasionally we'll like smack her with her tail push her away with her foot try and walk away or she's trying to nurse [Music] okay they're also eating a lot of browse going to be way less [Music] they're not feeling the outside said they have face out here and go to bed like so we just like together that also gives us a chance give them different spaces so you can tell eight she'd still

definitely isn't full-sized right so elephants take a really long time to reach their full throat so they won't reach the [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it'll be no is so hot today like insane packed but we have a return sign for Everest and we're leaving Gary's ready to go I'm hungry so we're gonna go find food somewhere else please it's crazy [Music] all right so I hope you guys enjoyed tagging along with us for the gentle giants tour the tour was only $30 and then with our pass holder discount it was $25 it took about an hour from start to finish we got to go backstage and see kind of like the backstage area where they hells a lot of the different animals as we drove into the elephant

encounter the guides are really nice I have to say like I would definitely probably do do it again we have plans to do other tours hopefully in the near future so anyhow I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have any questions about the tour feel free to leave it down below and if you like this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe thanks guys until next time [Music]