04 December 2018

Carry's Bathtime (pet therapy dog bath time)

Giving Carry Ann a bath before going to the hospital. follow me on Instagram @blev2006.

hi my name is Laura and this is my

eight-year-old Burmese Mountain Dog we she's a pet therapy dog at the local hospital near me she goes there at least once a week to visit her people there when she goes she has to have a bath and that is how I'm going to show you what we have to go through every week okay once we get into the shower which is very easy there are some people where they go to bathe their dogs we then have to water down before putting non-scented shampoo on [Music] the water is nice and cold because Kerry always talks but it makes the skin not dry out as quickly where she gets a bath more often than anyone else [Music] [Applause] because the showers a little small we have to do her in sections right now you're just wanting to do her back [Music] some of you might think it's a little excessive itself as we show in which it is bad on their skin but the type of employees is a non tinted moisturizer which evidence it also helps our skin all right now on to the one marching the worst per head

[Music] got to make sure that you don't get very much in arrears and before I finish I swear ever one more time to make sure everything is rinsed out now on to dry I'm going to widen its bucket water officer as possible with warfarin you're out on the town now that she's been washed and dried to an extent to keep her skin nice and soft Inlet and not dandruff II and the bathroom is not clean our day for tonight is over tomorrow morning we'll start another daily tasks that we have to do to make her to be able to go in to the hospital I hope to see you in that video and if you'd like to follow me on instagram I am at blood 2006 you