13 August 2019

Cat care

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what's up King back for dare me bro

now this um this is gonna be a little man kun ragdoll cat care Jesse and can you say hello the people of the world you live you are you're not alive but you're on the Internet say hello big cat thankou n-- he's he's just sweet as he's the sweetest thing ever okay so I'm gonna find the brush and I'm gonna brush him if you have to get any food I'm not sponsor sponsoring this but I provide this I do that it's the best for make him ragdoll cat um he likes it don't you kitty wait do you have any oh yeah you're almost out of food so the cat I have to get him some food look at UM light so you guys can see me you'll need a good litter box you can see we caught the same box once we hit 100 scruff subscribers I will be going live and doing a Q&A ok sounds pretty good stop this is a great movie I love it during the more I'll drink water okay so he's eating I'm gonna find his blush Thank You ragdoll cats can't really give them treats parents their stomach unless you want to clean up their hair balls which we call the turds that come up unless you want to clean those up I [Music]

didn't I'm gonna quit I'm saying I'm a good owner but I can't find his Bush I can't find his blush so how many does it count what I'll find it was home it would not recommend doing this but he actually I'm gonna brush him Maine Coons have a lot of hair so they're good captain all if you like I'm for a starter pet he's pretty good aren't you jack see they need water and food and if you took it out or have litter box and that's probably the most proper cat stuff I could think of so this has been how to take care of a Maine Coon ragdoll cat so we've been actually nursing a little sake a sick baby calico cat that's one thing we've been doing I'm doing and next time on the video probably tomorrow let's not say it's not tomorrow I will be doing a video of how to UM how to just help boy calico cats um this one's gonna be a baby maybe couple weeks old a month maybe mom abandoned it which is sad but if you want this Kitty to come back to full health and the fine 20 bucks Hey mmm excuse me like and subscribe and watch Star Wars

I'm not sponsoring anyone until the channel to get sponsors for button ok bye guys you also one last peek at my cat hey Jack C say bye huh come on yo you wanna say goodbye he wants to eat bye also Maine Coons can go up to four feet long one little tip about him bye