12 October 2017

Cat sitting and preparing for a marathon canning session | Vlogtober 2017 -Day 11

Welcome back to Vlogtober (Vlogween/Vlogoween). Nothing much going to today except meetings, cat sitting, and getting ready to do some canning tomorrow ...

cuz I'm D well am I talking to you you

can't hear me [Music] Oh come on I'm rocking how do you guys morning start just how mom usually starts with a kitty in my lap she wants me to come sit at my computer so you can sit on my lap it's our little routine in it happy Wednesday good mythical morning Oh image that's a different that's a different YouTube show good morning welcome to the vlog I'm actually headed into work right now even though I usually work from home on Wednesdays because we have a meeting today with a client and it's just a conference call but the president of the company little bit nervous about this one and I know he would much rather sit across from me at the table to where you know we can make eye contact rather than me being on the phone it makes it harder that way cuz we don't know if we're on the same page or not it's so much easier when we're just across the table from each other so I'm going to go in for that and then I'm actually gonna leave when we go over to Trader Joe's and then I got to go to

Nancy's and then I got to come home and work so that's pretty much my warning in a nutshell I stayed up way too late last night after we got back from Cinco could not go to sleep set it up falling down a YouTube Brad rabbit hole and I found this channel called the dialogue and she's a lady who analyzes body language say if someone's lying or not so she has like these clips of different people whether they're lying or not you know what her personal opinion is if they're lying or not it's so it to me it was just it's just so fascinating to be like oh there's a micro expression of disgust so I could not stop watching that so it's really interesting you should go check it out if you do put in the comments corner a lot laughs at me cuz yeah she didn't she has no idea who I am anyway we had a tragedy yesterday in our neighborhood very sad there was a young man whose life was taken apparently there was a black Mustang that was chasing his car he had a passenger and the passenger in the black Mustang started shooting at them and the young man driving who was not chained was killed on the scene and his

passenger is in critical condition and what makes this even more sad as they haven't found they haven't found them it was a massive manhunt last night and it was going on while we were at people and pizza sauce and what's what's just freaky to us is we were pretty much right there where it happened about the time that it did happen I mean we just missed it it must have happened just after we were there kind of makes us wonder did we actually see these cars you know on our way cuz this happened give you a little context this happened when we were driving to Goodwill it was about 6 p.m. that's just sad you know our community's just heartbroken that we've lost one of our young men and we don't know the full details of why they're being chased or or what what's going on and it's just it's just really sad so you're praying people keep those families those two families in your prayers having a son that's rapidly approaching nineteen and one who just left nineteen it said I just can't even imagine them being gone I just can't it just I can't you know I just I cannot allow my mind to go there just do and throw me in such a spiral

okay I'm going to hate to leave it on a sad note but I won't go on and get into work so and get this stuff down I got some other stuff I'm going to do while I'm there and then I'm gonna have my meeting and then I'm gonna get on with my day and I will catch up with you guys then caviar the office portion of my day is complete and now I'm walking into Trader Joe's and if I'm about to give yet buck ours so let's go in here and get some shopping done it's just a replica all right let's go get something how cool is that that's pretty awesome okay I got my shopping dad just one bag and it has to get much Oh kind of turn the park right back to the car Barnes and Noble is just across the way and I'm resisting and going over there cuz nothing good can come from it a book lover in a bookstore I just need to go on home actually I just need to going to Nancy's first and then on home before I spend any more money okay I'm at Nancy's I'm at the part of my job I hate the most which is I have to go across the street to check the mail these cars travel about 70 miles an hour

okay not too bad today now see going back I can't really see this way huh I did it what I have this even ghost on Cassie Cassie is completely deaf so she can't hear me counter hey girl how's my girl today yeah yeah you can tell she's deaf cuz like her ears never oh never mind her ears never moved but it did see that though hey girl see how she doesn't react to me snapping she can feel it she can't hear it and then she saw my fingers come let's get some D well I am I talking to you you can't hear me here's a chance there Paul and I watch she just sees me standing here crow girl she's deaf well the horsies are out in the field what a cool beer to have okay oh my outside of the house running around is done now I'm gonna go home I'm gonna change into some comfy clothes I'm gonna work for a bit and then I need to get my recipes together and things like that and formulate a plan for like the next three days because I have to can so much stuff and process so much stuff this is my big end-of-the-year blowout I'm hoping for good weather so I can go out and take care of the yard as well

but I will check in with you guys in a bit after our work and all that all right I am ready for tomorrow I've got my prep area all done I got my recipes out my planner my scale I just need my processor out here and then let's look at the kitchen I got my stove all cleaned up got my count Tanner out this is where I'll actually click can my food and these are my tools and then over here I gotta put these up but this is where I'll put my jars I've got to redo those I got my the Rings over there might be hydrators out and then I've got my canning closet all ready to receive the new jars so I'm all ready okay guys I still got a couple recipes I need to print out I'm so tired and Jeremy will be home in about 20 minutes hopefully so I'm gonna jump off here thank you for spending my day with me tomorrow's gonna be so busy I'm gonna try to film but please forgive me if I do not because I'm taking two days off work to get all this done so I really need to get it done and I've been really working on a plan to get it all taken care of and hope that it works wish me luck but I will talk to you guys tomorrow and until

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