06 February 2018


Hello you lovely bunch. I decided to create a vlog style video, included within this lil' vid are a compilation of various silly moments I recorded throughout my ...

the makers of memes fucking love you I'm

slowly descended into madness in the cab there but I'm fucking time my life I just want to express some gratitude for the makers of memes and actual good funny means that I take for granted every day of my life flicking endlessly in my existence just flicking through these memes that I take for granted you know just great great donkey dank memes take me for granted every day of my life and you do as well Murphy all these means just big up to the me makers the mean movers and shakers why am i I'm partridge and free of mouse arm all I'm saying is more kazoos more memes just get it in your life and cats more memes kazoos and cats and the world would be a better place big love to the mean makers a hot mug of tea a cold winter's day some smooth electronica through my headphones pure unadulterated nature I think we can all agree we all need more of that in our lives seriously though check it out here nature okay so a genius thought was destruction wouldn't the world be a better place if it was just constant kazoo music playing in the background of every encounter we have ever I feel like the world would then be a better place

don't you think so merci Livy yes I believe the world would be a much better place if there was constant kazoo music going on in the background of every human encounter I had it would actually make things much more tolerable because at the moment you know bunch of fucking wankers all a bunch of fucking wankers can't stand any of you actually okay okay thanks for that Murphy um yeah Murphy seems to have the wrong side bed bed this evening but um we'll leave him to it um I forgotten what I was saying kazoos just more of more kazoos am I actually Hagrid this is a result of me putting my hair into a scrunchie whilst dad and then take it out and I look like fucking Hagrid Hagrid also that woman who does the the product reviews the Aurora headband that's what my head that's what I look like now oh I love her bow I forgot what a name is the only product reviewer I trust or have any faith in might I say and Murphy Murphy trust no one else [Music] you know this cookies for the bacon I know you want to see me naked naked naked so I saw this really lovely lovely

quote for a mum scheanette Liam Neeson of all people I've started out I've got an extensive collection meme collection on my phone memes and beings been mr. bean everywhere but a lovely quote from Liam Neeson and all I want to say is Liam Neeson and chill would you like - Liam Neeson and chill with me right now and it was something about love being the only thing that makes this world okay and people saying like blah blah blah love love doesn't but actually love is the only thing that makes everything okay and it's so true and I'm really fairly avahi bright now I am yeah love you Liam never knew I love Liam Neeson so much until now I have a very particular set of skills make me a nightmare someone thank you all these poor old paint brushes want to do is create some art be dipped in paint and create something spectacular and beautiful and wonderful and they're being held back look at them I relate to these paint brushes and I started writing a poem but I can't quite get the words out but note to self this is a good poetry full creative starter of these utensils of art being held back

and oppressed