02 April 2012

Cats at Gone Wild Kennels

Tour of the cat boarding area.

gun moll kennels cat boarding December

26 every cat has a condo so they have their litter and luggage area there then they have four areas to walk on or why climb on with their climbing they get extra plate i'm outside and in these individual rooms with ladders and anything else you get figure to make the cats more comfortable at cats at gone wild kennels this is one room and we get sometimes you get cats that are not used to meet interacted with other ones so take a little time by themselves this is our sunroom it'll go visitors always soon and once again this is the play area where this is the where they have their litter and food and treats and look at a Catwoman fiddling around with us harley harley harley harley so you get the small ones for one or two cuts and then you get the large condos that could fit up to three cats / family one family this is our sunroom and that's always OE hi Zoe Zoe hey dough what do you think and this will be converted into to play rooms in 2012-2013 and somewhat so I'll just go around and I'm not I better not put your ear criminal servant for John single condos up to two cats

oh is it pray what would you be that has some guy oh very nice and they're always maintained always claimed