03 November 2019

Catsitting - Sharonville and Lima Ohio Chuck E Cheese

merry christmas 2,0 is awesome.

thanks again Pasquale for volunteering

to watch Copernicus tonight while Helen and I go to the Fall Festival just keep him company he sometimes gets won't we win his daddy has to weave that's a worry check I keep him under lock over I was reading a song so maybe I will test it out of here she likes it maybe he doesn't like that idea oh I bet that's Helen hey Chucky ready to go hey Helen yeah this is gonna be fun hey Pasquale e your cat-sitting huh um no I'm sittin on the couch okay Pasquale II will be back in a few hours thanks again see ya okay you guys have fun bye-bye finally I thought they would never leave huh now that it's just you and me I hear you've got a song you've been workshopping I left here a talking cat this coming from a guy who hangs out with talking animals all day last time I checked Chucky is a mouse Helen's a bird and Jasper is a dog need I go on you make a really good point but how come I never heard you speak before hmm I'm shy okay Joey oh but enough of bad I want to hear this song of yours entertain me

well it really does need some work hey I get it it's a process no judgment hit me with it [Music] steps May got brunch and sound The Sun has set and it might be dark but next time yeah pretty catchy tune their mustache man do you think so sure dude but I gotta tell you I don't like that last line oh how about this I think of a joke and I feel witty there's nothing like a cute little kitty okay yeah you see there it's getting better already okay let's hear the next [Music] oh yeah all right yeah not bad you have a thought just a little change to that last line again hear me out okay I pass apart bin where I once am I feel so happy when I pet a cat boom ha ha ha Pasquale ii this song is good of beer okay if you say so but do you think this song is starting to become too much about cats you got a problem with cats no let cats it's just that I'll just try to forget that you said that oh all right you got another verbs so I guess oh one more

lay it on me oh I actually think you're going to like this verse as it is all right under the moonlight know that songs really catchy think I'll watch it right now where emittance Copernicus's Arbutus of the kittens or meow aah meow [Music] you don't like it it's just yeah too much about cats [Music] just kidding you can never have too many cats [Music]