12 March 2019

CBD Oil and Pet Diet - How CBD Oil Affects Your Pet's Diet | Ask Dr. Angie

CBD Oil and Pet Diet: Learn how CBD oil affects your pet's diet and what you can do about it. Want more? Learn how to reduce pain and boost your pet's ...

hey there I'm dr. Angie and this is my

pug mr. Pugsley say hello Pugsley and in this video I'm gonna be answering parents questions about CBD and Diet let's get started my first question comes from Whitney hey there some hemp oils have omegas does this product she means hemp rx have omegas since it does have hemp oil thanks Whitney so Whitney yes they're technically would be a negligible amount of Omega threes in this hemp oil I think that hemp is not the best source of omegas for cats and dogs I would choose something like krill or fish oil so I hope that answers your question Annie writes I've been researching online about CBD and cat health and your name popped up you seem so incredibly knowledgeable and if I lived in Boulder I'd be at your office with my three cats in a flash thank you so much however I live in New York City and I'm reaching out in hopes that you can help me as my current vet as wonderful as he is doesn't know anything about CBD one of my cats is 13 and a half and has been diagnosed with IBD she was vomiting constantly and losing weight and they ruled out everything else through tests

including a sonogram she's been on prednisone is alone in Serena for a while and was taking it every few days up until recently when her symptoms got worse and the vet told me to give her the meds every day now she's happy and runs around and does not eat but still projectile vomits oh and does eat sorry she's eating okay but she still projectile vomits every couple of days so I don't know how much food she's actually taking in there are only a couple of brands of high-end grain free food she can tolerate so that's all she gets both wet and dry so my first thoughts about your kitty is that the IBD or inflammatory bowel disease isn't very controlled and while you've done a lot of tests I would recommend doing one more test which is a biopsy usually they can do it with an endoscope so they don't have to make an abdominal incision and I would recommend doing that just to see what kind of cells are in there and to rule out other diseases like lymphoma sometimes really severe inflammatory bowel disease requires more medication than just prednisolone sometimes other drugs like budesonide or clear Ambu cell can be helpful so I definitely would

think about that I'm hoping that CBD will help her and it might help it's worth a try but if it doesn't then I would move on to other things I've read that it helps with inflammation IBD and holding on to food I also saw that it helps with arthritis which be great for my 19 year old cat yes it's really great for arthritis I feel like it's more dependable for arthritis than it is for inflammatory bowel disease in terms of my kidney though I'm wondering if CBD oil might interact or even cancel out medications obviously I wouldn't want to do that no we definitely don't want to do that right now if you're just doing an appetite stimulant and steroids there's no reason to believe that that would cancel it out or interact in any way just one more question I ordered pet CBD oil from hemp bombs calm before I heard back from you the brand came highly recommended by a friend have you heard of it is it good I'm guessing the dosage would be the same and it's chicken flavored that's pretty cool I haven't heard of that brand but anytime I'm assessing whether I'm going to use a hemp product I first check to see where the hemp was grown

you want it to be grown in the United States and you want it to be grown organically you want to find out how is extracted I prefer co2 extraction you want to find out if you can get a certificate of analysis so you know how much THC CBD and other phyto cannabinoids are present so the company should be able to give you that and if they can't I would move on you want to make sure sorry I hopefully the plug doesn't curl up on my mic um you want to make sure that you know how many milligrams of CBD are in each mil or whatever the unit of is so you want to make sure that you can do that so if all of those check out and there's no THC I think it might be a good product it's really hard to say and you definitely wanted that the company Laurie writes I've been putting a hemp oil in my cat's ear because I can't get it in his mouth is this effectively absorbed I put one drop on my thumb and inside his ear on the skin I've done thyroid meds this way yes so you can do diver ed meds this way especially because they have a special delivery system we don't know if you can give CBD transdermally or across the skin

effectively yet probably some of its absorbed because it's lipophilic but i don't know that you would get as much across the skin barrier as you would if you gave it orally we'll know that maybe soon maybe the next five years Dale writes I've been trying to learn more about CBD for pets reading all I can and friends are starting to ask me questions about it a little knowledge is dangerous thing so I don't give advice I've directed a few folks to your website which is the most comprehensive that I've seen Thank You Dale I wonder if it's known whether CBD is good for diabetic cats or not I'm not sure we don't have any studies to show that it's beneficial or not beneficial also I read somewhere not to use CBD if a pet has liver or kidney issues do you agree I don't agree there's nothing to suggest that CBD shouldn't be used in liver or kidney disease there was one study out of CSU with just a few dogs and there was one liver enzyme that got slightly elevated during the study but no other liver function test showed any problem so I don't I'm not sure that that's a real problem and I use it frequently in cats

with kidney disease also with no problems any interactions with meds or supplements not that I know of I'm careful with medications like prozac and I'm also careful with seizure medications we don't know that we need to be careful yet but I just go very slowly and have not had a problem yet I'd like to start him on CBD in order that have rx choose before reading that it may not be good for that my boy if CBD is no good for him I know folks with pets who will take these treats I think it's ok note that Connecticut vets are not allowed to recommend or prescribe CBD thanks for sharing your knowledge you're welcome Dale if you have any other questions please email me at angie at boulder holistic that calm Carolyn writes Angie I started Maddie on balance sitcom and that's a website where you can make your own diet for your dog or cat and balance it with their vitamin and mineral mix so she started it she started Maddie on balance it calm and then she's been happy with it except she doesn't like the supplement so this happens every once in a while where they don't like the vitamin mineral mix

because vitamins and minerals just don't taste that good they do have a more palatable version I think it's called like carnivore blend you could get on the website and check it out so I would try that show she doesn't like the supplement and then she's gained weight so if that happens either you can reduce the food or you can get on the website and your veterinarian can help you design a recipe that is less caloric and more designed for weight loss meg writes I'm wondering about sourcing CBD oil for cats I've not jumped on the CBD bandwagon but I'm being told that I should I'm an animal intuitive and I think you sell it I got some for my cat previously and feel it may have been through you he passed before I was able to use it I'm so sorry to hear that and yes we do sell hemp rx and it's a brand that I really like and it's important with this ever exploding market of CBD products for pets that you do your research and you know where the hemp was grown hemp rx the hemp was grown in Colorado Springs grown organically its extracted with co2 and you know what's in each bottle I

have a certificate of analysis for both hemp Rx and hemp rx forte so we know exactly how much CBD how little THC is in there and other therapeutic compounds like terpenes we can measure those we also know that there are no pesticides or any other chemicals and so it's really important that you have that information the FDA did a study in 2015 of products both labeled for people and for pets and they did show that a lot of the claims on the label were not matching up to what was actually in the bottle so maybe they said there was CBD in there and there was not as much CBD or maybe it said no THC but there was actually THC present and so that can get dangerous so you definitely want to make sure you know where your CBD or your hemp is coming from James writes we recently purchased some I in love and you naked essentials for our adopted retired racing greyhound Gary oh my gosh Gary's amazing I've seen pictures of Gary let's see one review so they they bought it from Chuy's and one review said the protein content of 34% was too high for domestic dog our Gary isn't just any domestic dog since he's a retired grace huh retired racing

greyhound and he's a special breed could you would address this what in your opinion is the optimal amount of protein a dog should be eating so this is a great question that we get quite frequently so there's really no ideal amount of protein for dogs there's definitely a minimum most foods meet that but when we get into higher proteins or higher protein levels if it's too much then the body just gets rid of it and so we don't have to worry about too much protein unless we have kidney disease or for not getting enough other essential nutrients and so it's kind of a tricky question and I think it's very dog specific and weight specific also when you think about looking at the back of your bag or when you're looking at canned food it's really hard to compare one to the other it's important that you take all of the information on the canned label and convert it to a dry matter basis because that's what you're looking at for a kibble or if you're looking at a raw diet you need to take that and convert it all to a dry matter basis before you

start comparing so I hope that helps Kevin writes I'm curious if cats build up a tolerance to CBD oil my cat is currently dealing with chronic pancreatitis I thought we were out of the pits when I started giving her appetite stimulants Ibrahim to Dean but she quickly developed a tolerance for it and now it's back to not eating any insights would be appreciated Kevin I'm so sorry chronic pancreatitis and Katz is so hard and when they stop eating it just can get really frustrating and scary I haven't seen or appreciated any cats becoming tolerant of CBD I haven't noticed that I needed to increase dose or that it became less effective over time hopefully studies will tell us whether that is true or not but I think that the appetite stimulant aspect of CBD just continues to last so let me know how it goes the other thing that you could try is Serena Serena is great for cats with pancreatitis and you could talk to your vet about starting that if you have questions you'd like me to answer you can email me at Angie at Boulder holistic vet comm and I will talk to you next week