14 August 2012

CD&E Enclosures used at Pat's Boarding Place for Cats

Local news coverage of Pat's Boarding Place for Cats in Sacramento, CA, which uses CD&E Enterprises' enclosures in their facility.

oh hi Tara hey Marianne that's right we

all feel a little bit guilty when we have to go away somewhere fun and we can't take our pets right yeah and look how cute they are well now you can actually drop off pumpkin without the guilt because we have found an upscale kennel for cats no dogs allowed right now the clients are enjoying some Nursery Rhymes no joke and as you can see the people at the helm of Kitty heaven are real California characters it may look like a normal house but step inside great are you doing this morning and you'll find resident flora bit we refer to ourselves as the crazy cat ladies picked a bad time he said please sandy Merryman and sister Betsy Baldwin facts boring place for fast there's a hotel there we take care of people's cats the crude and comma BAM you wanted to give cats an environment where they are away from dogs here they let Siamese tabbies and Persians lounge on the patio this one's miss a bird watch receive pedicures dine on chunky tuna and romp around the playroom they want attention they give attention they give lot - oh yes they do and they're very playful yes moxie they're very playful sandy

Betsy and her husband Jerry taking kitties whose mommies and daddies have gone on vacation it's as close to home as we've ever seen for 11 to 16 dollars a night your feline can unfurl in his or her private room this is called our kitty suite we just call it our family the cat compound because all it is is cats hair balls and dirty litter boxes not a problem with daily maid service hey Kate smelly cats no worries much of these kitties time however is spent listening mostly we talk to them all day she goes home Monday yes you go home on Monday means I get to bathe you on Sunday yes young lady what do you think I said us well how else would the owners know what makes these cats tick at Pats place just meow and you shall receive we really wanted to give cats something different here I think we've accomplished it now the facility can actually fit up to 70 cats at one time but be sure to book in advance because they do book quickly joining me now is sandy and I just wanted to know you can't just come on down here you got a call in advance yes it's best to make an appointment

because we are we want to give each person one on one time to show them around the kennel and that way we can make sure that we schedule you one at a time and now Pat was actually the original owner this is Betsy over here and you guys took it over a couple years ago yes we took it over about five years ago and why cats well we wanted to offer some option for cats a bark free environment a socialization time patio time you have like you saw a story time so you know cats are really very special animal right now let's go talk to Jerry over here he's the singer of the group and Jerry I understand you kind of just practice your tunes on the cats and if they like them when you stick with them right well I just basically find that the cats know the difference between live music and the radio so when I'm in here practicing and playing there are a lot more calm a lot more relaxed it's a lot better for the cats it's on your shoulder here page page so as well as sugar bear he's getting his belly rub so he's very excited here we go we're gonna set it on back to you

Mary Anne but it this is a great place definitely the cats will be loved if you drop them off here it's a kitty cat happy place it is thank you Tara if you're still looking for a place to board your cat Pat's boarding place for cats is located at three five seven Oh Airport Road in Sacramento here's a phone number for you in the nine one six four one nine seven three nine six four one nine seven three nine six or log on to our website you PM thirty-one calm for more informations well are you on a low-carb diet is it working well if your fat cat could stand to shed a few pounds you might want to change