05 December 2018

Chased by a dog and watching a family voluntarily torture each other

We went to watch some Lithuanian football in the second division of the LFF in the city of Trakai which is a region surrounded by water and is really cool, they ...

okay so the B team of trickier

apparently meant to play today Sunday on the groundhopper up it in the show they stadium right behind us the where they grown dislocating the groundhopper up this is it this is basic is me there's no stands at all so I'm not sure if there's actually gonna be a game today I don't think the pitch has any lines on it so I feel like I'd come all the way to choke I for no reason for the B team Lithuania football is just like mentals make any sense whatsoever okay this looks more promising it's about five minute walk from where it's recommended on the ground or up so let's ask if they've have a match today or not okay we've got confirmation that this is where the stadium is going to be what's pretty cool about this place though is it's basically an island it's not an island is connected to meet look but it's absolutely surrounded by water but you can see the water that I'm such a behind us we've got the famous trick high castle which was built a long time ago this isn't a History Channel sorry mate today we're here for football but unfortunately the team for to cry actually pay Venus the capital city

which is about 50 miles away from you but check ID does have a team which are the B team who will be checking out today all right let's check this castle out then okay you have to pay for the castle so let's not check this castle out then here your family fun what's you like to be tortured the mum's like come on come on husband I've always want to see you in this situation and now she runs off with all this money [Applause] alright two teams on a pitch choukai are playing in like the possession Lima call it and then I think it's Spink here are playing in the was a navy and great stripes alright the traveling fans are on the pitch absolutely woofle gold will give away ball came in the defend I could not control it hit this knee okay he's all sixes and sevens and then the I just came here to slander top left should I be rubbish for fun I like the ways I'm the go is teammates me you can't control the ball shut up [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Applause] all right halftime urine everyone's leaving to go down to the beach all right we're in the water now you know halftime have a little like talk of my feet not bad not bad but if you notice the fans they had a sign saying lff and that's because they have a bit of discontent towards the Tyrrhenian football federation I kind of agree with them the league is an eight-team League so everyone's playing each other I think like three times in the season for example this week is European qualifiers and there's no actual game in the top division this weekend and I think it's because they want to keep their teams fresh but when they play a new rock so for example on Thursday as I get is played against a deuce they don't have a game this weekend and I made very next Thursday so they have perfect time to refresh for the next match it makes sense and once in one way but I think it kills local football really and a Dean Dean of our your fans have been incredible so far I like I respect you so yeah

let's enjoy the last of this I'm I go in my little private ball and then go back to the stadium so let's get back all right Chuck I just got a call to be fair that second-half performance from one's been totally different a much better showing and it's 2-1 oh that's forestry you know just stop filming and the referee just pulled out a red card so one of the players I'm the Dean of our team there's a rough challenge the guy with all the start rolling on the floor they all mate to to know where I'd honestly pissed off performance track a Warfel butter bucket again no to to and I've got about 15 minutes left against ten men so we could have an unlikely to nil turn around someone edit someone edit it offered last tackler match video track I be but let's be honest the fans that took over with Java first Bush that name every time if you want to check out track ia in the Europa League gets Partizan Belgrade click on my finger be here apart from that mate I'm gonna offer a little swim now in my pants like the video if you've enjoyed it just grab your support and apart from that in a bit