04 September 2019

Checking In Before We Head Out | Life With 6 Schnauzers | Dog Mom Life

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hey guys sorry about the wind it's very windy today happy Tuesday is she getting your ball Mickey I got another ball we bought him a new ball that's his old one where's your new ball out where's your new basketball you want your old ratty ball bring it here Milo bring it here all right guys so I wanted to come on here and let you know you want to go get a drink water are you thirsty come on let's go get drink water let's go um this is gonna be my only video this week it's been crazy busy already this week I'm grooming dogs I don't really could tell I've shaved them down getting everything ready before we go up north Thursday I wanted to shave them down get them all cleaned up so they'd be easy to take care of like when wipe and feet and stuff if it's muddy out for my mother-in-law so I've shaved them all down I've just got to finish up mozzie and Marley right there just got to finish them up and then everybody will be groomed I've been I washed all their dog beds for their crates I'm still got a raid out like all the feeding instructions instructions about mozzies pills write down all the

vet info and all that on a piece of paper for my mother-in-law still got to do that tomorrow hi you have to what are you doing there's treats I have my grooming jacket on I'm missing a button here fell off and I don't know where it is but I have treats in my pocket here for when I groom them Bella you smell the treats he's like give me a treat mom give me a treat I kind of see if I'm for when I groom you I just got to clean up his face I guess turday I just like shaved all their bodies down because shaving down their bodies is what takes the longest when I do a complete shave down and yesterday I was gonna groom them and I just wasn't feeling it so I just shaved their bodies down and then today I gave them their baths and I just got a clean up his face like his eyebrows his beard clean up their paws and trim around their ears and trim their toenails and stuff but yeah that's all I got to do today marlee gotta do him too couldn't give him a bath today because he still has that stitch in his shoulder from that little bumpy had read my stuff look at him straining to eat my pocket no no no don't you growl don't you growl at your brother's no I better

stand up I better stand up so you can't smell him you guys will play go get the squirrels where's the squirrel you better keep those squirrels out of the yard you better keep him out of the yard yeah I don't even remember what I was seeing no guys did I already mention do do you guys want me to take video of the house we've rented up north I could do a house tour I could show you around town where we're seeing if you guys would like to see that let me know it won't of course have the dogs in it because the dogs won't be with us so if you guys want to see that I'd be glad to videotape it while we're gone so yeah so this will be my only video this week because I've got to get things done and I don't want to be rushed I don't want to be rushed I want to I want to be able to get stuff done and then go on our little trip and be relaxed I want to have a nice relaxing trip after this move that we had how long have we been in this house now a couple months now is good three four months so after this big move we had after the excitement of when we moved in the plumbing issues the roof issue the storm with the tree damage I just want to have a nice relaxing

weekend no dog barking no picking up laying mines sitting by the water and relaxing so yeah you guys let me know if you want to see video of that and I'm sorry if the wind is blowing in my camera it's very windy so you guys have a good week have a good weekend and we will talk to you next week see you guys later bye bye [Music]