09 November 2018

Checking in with Skylynn - Dog Walks Ep. 2

Hope you guys enjoyed the video, comment what you think down below. Big thanks to my mom, skylynn, and @zack_stauffer for filming this with me. Be sure to ...

hey hey what's up guys it's haze I'm

back in North Carolina right now about to do a little dog walk with Skylands little Frenchie Lola is her name and yeah it should be good we don't guys in here this time but we'll make it work yeah I'm ready let's go need your helmet all right I'll get [Music] i feii for that woman hey Rose Skyland how old is rose she's 16 so I was like horse here it's the same as seeing you how long have you been riding horses town since she wasn't even born it's been a while since I've rode a horse but I probably know how to ride and I was like six or seven eight six seven eight somewhere in that ring this is a recommended outfit the riding horse is like certain thing you usually wear what do you usually I feel what's English like what's the difference in English and Western English what was your first competition I saw you did your first competition how'd that go good you got buck now you held it on the hell didn't you I bet my mother's very quiet well I've got a little bit of a kick and then I was like

I'm not gonna go and that's my mom in the video you want to be a professional horseback rider oh gosh like you're talking yelling okay like I believe things are totally passed through your blood like Nash likes mustard I hate mustard when I was pretty with him you are you love ginger dressing there you go okay hate will like salt a lot of salt ate a lot of thought she likes horses you just named three foods and then one animal she has my dad's horsemanship he jumped a picnic table that's pretty Nora jumping up hanging table on a horse [Music] another jumping horse that can count my footer over which I'm prepping ever or lose my trainer fortune and issues hard for like a flip I swear these things are like the fake dog right you go sweetie try we were gonna go on a dog walk I think it's just time to of course I'm not getting down there no really I don't you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

Wow because you're not supposed to do that ever skyla my very favorite school teacher no I'm one my favorite teacher is my music teacher in all three of mine who is your favorite teacher love my favorite teacher was Miss Haskins I ran through her glass door cleaning her erasers I've done that before I didn't shout through the glass oh I did busted not oh I was so they're running the track we're nuts a bike track right there nope after you love mr. Laney - how do you thought about what you want to be when you grow up hunter jumper so for something in the Grand Prix like big time or someone who doesn't know what that is can you explain it - yeah five feet and over do you start if I feed you work your way so what do you start at like zero Polo's travels Campos does that pay money what you want to be when you grow up there pin money yes have you lupard if you're gonna have a future to it one inch jack can't stop it stop for it how does it looks the highest jump but you know 9 foot jump 9 9 foot and then a lot of three foot spacer over here yeah you wanted to be a dirt bike rider yeah

I started playing foosball football football by Boucher waterboy but my mama said but I love riding dirt bikes like passion forever and ever and ever oh I was into it what did you wanna do I knew your mom when I was a little girl and I would sit and think about what I wanted to be when I grew up it was a mom oh gosh oh she's got her hair I just wanted to be a mom a mom and a teacher there she goes she's gone thanks for being in the video so many fun [Music] [Applause] [Music] don't around out of all the animals you have here we got horses ducks chickens cats fine what is your favorite nanny who I didn't know she had a pet named Ned grandma already you could just play with her twinkles her wrinkles were so deep on her neck when she died nobody wanted her chew all off and it was a spatula aw that was so old kid no teeth his tongue of a picture his tongue hung out of his mouth and those well we called him nanny flan that's just what we called him so I remember going to her funeral and putting this fat Chihuahua in our car

and driving it and Nana was like bye my dad was live in why are we taking this dog and he was like cuz that's my grandmother's dog okay nobody wants it so I'm freaking taken and I was like yeah well you had to all her food had to be soft she had no teeth that was Rivera but that was my favorite I'd say my favorite pet Suzanne right now it was like most like the first pet I've had just like mine I wouldn't bought him like he's me like that her dad was so nuts that he like somehow it came across a baby bear and put him as a hunter yeah and he came across is like baby bear that I guess it just like straight and he brought it home and he brought it home and put a chain around its neck and tied it up with a collar he walked like a dog it's bad but in mime in our closet in our house and my mom is so anti animal but my dad was like a bear no not like a dog you're like a squirrel or even the school I've got a picture of that yeah I've seen that picture it's like a literal bear so that was it for today's did I hope you enjoyed it thank you to my mom for

being in the dog walk and for Scotland for making her quick appearance and just a parent as much appreciated Scotland but um yeah hope you guys enjoyed leave a like subscribe for more videos coming soon grab my mom's channel if you got a bunch of cool stuff I'm hearing hit it honestly is yeah we'll see you next time [Music] [Music]