10 February 2019


we want to introduce you all to sergant ruger who is reporting for dusty to proctect the dean family!! he has been a great dog so far and we all love him. if you ...


hey guys welcome back to the Dustin Dean channel the outlaw homesteading channel did you know we're not law yeah yep we're not law what we're doing today is what are we doing getting a new dog another new dog so you guys in the last video short two-minute video we've got Avalanche a great pyrenees dog that dog guards our livestock animals but what we are getting it's called the it's called the protection dog and it's going to protect a family it's a German Shepherd purebred German Shepherd and the dog will protect the kids for let's say let's just say there's somebody who wants to kidnap you no matter what if they're trying to get us it will kill them it'll definitely definitely do some damage to whoever tries to take you right and so you know I'm not I am not by any means threatening CPS it so don't don't don't take it as that but um this is for anybody who's watching CPS or not if you come on my property and try to take my kids you will get bit so with that said we're gonna get a protection dog what's your turn what's your thoughts on the protection dog I think would be good I think I'll be good yeah I think I'll be a good

peace of mind knowing that um well not not only not only a child pedophile er trying to interrogate yeah they'll keep them from doing that but um like you like to go coyote hunting a lot yeah and I think it'd be good to have that dog next to you so if the coyote you know snuck up behind you and try to attack yeah the dog will defend yeah yeah so it's not just the Guardian gainst um humans also other dogs as well like coyotes or wolves and things like that so he excited we get a protection dog yeah a protection dog for the homestead for the kids for the kids sake and I also think it's really good for their their minds kids with you know rocks getting thrown through our window and and and CPS lurking around I think it's a good peace of mind knowing that the dog will keep that from happening keep stranger dangers away yeah stranger danger so we got uh we got about a three-hour drive ahead of us and so we're gonna be it's about a six-hour drive three hours there three hours back we're gonna go get our protection dog not it's kind of different than an attack dog so google it look it up let's

go [Music] so we got here finally we're supposed to meet them at the tractor supply right there and I think we beat him here so we should hurry and go the bathroom of a long drive yeah rest the family already ran in there so while we're waiting for him we'll live awesome [Music] you can be it will be a function home here [Music] [Music] hey guys um I'm enjoying this dog here sit this is our protection dog again I'll remind you guys that we're beefing up the security on the homestead and so the the other dog the Great Pyrenees guards animals this is going to guard the humans I'm beefing up the security it's not a threat towards DCFS I'm just saying anybody who comes on my property to try to take my children will get attacked by this dog this is stupid I'll share this with you guys this is really dumb on my part be exciting like I am I wanted to test out

the dog so I've got this thick coat on it's like two inches thick and I gave it the command and and the dog came at me in full sport it hit me in the arm and it almost knocked me on the ground it scared me so I immediately called the dog off two stupid things about that is one I did not have a bite I think uh they that's designed for the bite it's called a bite sleeve I did not have one of them on the second stupidest thing is I I ordered the dog to attack the handler me and so but wow I am so impressed so happy as you guys seen it did it did break the skin on my arm but it wasn't that the tooth ripped through is it was that that's just the pressure of the dog broke the skin I'm so excited that I know that this dog will take down a grown man and and it's really good with the kids kids climb on it um this dog is a personal protection dog it'll protect my family so again guys I'm not I'm not threatening CPS I'm just saying anybody who comes on my property and tries to take my children will get bit taken down and so with that said I'm not done beefing up the security I have another surprise

tomorrow that I want to show you to help protect the family on the homestead thanks for watching [Music]