01 October 2018

CHIP Joke & Puppy Surgery Boo Boo  + FGTEEV Gaming 1st Reaction FUNnel Vision Family Vlog

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bobblehead you're gonna get a cool hat

dude the surgery she's getting is just like Rosie Rosie oh yeah you're gonna have a cone and then guess what you have to get surgery to on your hair shine you're so pale you need the Sun here we go [Music] oh thank you close to your surgery all right come on you're gonna go get your surgeries but it's not fun we'll see you later Sean's gonna get his hair tie goodbye your hair [Music] like that one Oh Mike look at me let me see let me see are you shy oh man you look like you in a little car with I love you wanna get cocky son listen mr. Chae Sira new is wittle [Music] hayseed me peace I want peace [Applause] [Music] we have it oh you gotta pick up for me what happened to you she don't even care she's good she's still happy okay she does look a little sad what did they do to you okay I gotcha oh she looks so blah let's go say hi everybody they're plenty in

the pool what where's your cone you won't wear that let's go lay down you're tired you lay down your bed hey you don't have to go to your cage hey stuff I can see your face yeah you did come round they didn't oh she doesn't want to sit it's okay oh that's how better give ice chips you go Steve [Music] hey I'm going to show you guys a salt and vinegar pool trick when people's hands are wet you say don't worry I got you I'm gonna pour some in your mouth ah watch this my custom song fingertips okay no you okay I do it to you oh the towel you asked me to they do it to cheese mama you want something good chick your favorite get lucky look at our fray whoa whoa whoa she's got skills Shawna maybe we shouldn't cuz she actually has skills wait conehead conehead you got a conehead [Music] blah blah blah blah blah bobblehead bobblehead look at that you got stuck me first oh thank you well you did it oh she knows she I keep your head up on me first okay so polite

you can go on me first again oh wow sure sure what happened to your arm are you Steve Urkel hi rose excuse you that was rude and you're not supposed to do that way you're cause she's just resting you are crazy are you vacuuming again thank you the sidewalk was so dirty conehead look you got a move when you do it what did you do I see it going dump it let go car rescue I got it it has the cone life did you just eat a fake ghost you're so silly it's one day early but I think we can take off oreos cone let's take off your coat yeah just don't we tell her the bed she's like I'm gonna tear this thing apart I'm sick of you I'm sick of this too [Music] [Music] but then that's from Shan Shan look my knees opening [Music] and in Oriya thank you it's the greatest Mother's Day this that it was fitting for the occasion this Mother's Day if you like spooky games make sure you check out mgtv the sweets video on sled Trina here's the look at our first

reactions before we played do you bet starting to get a little creeps now oh my gosh what do I go today so you I'm actually scared now why are you playing like that now - game over don't forget to check it out but that's all for today's poor dick so much for watching have a final daddy bye [Music] [Applause]