13 March 2019

Chrissy Teigen's hamster care is problematic and here's why

The animal community is not trying to bully or send hate, instead our mission is just to educate as many people as possible about good animal care. Influencers ...


hello reptile friends and welcome back to my channel my name is India aka anacondrai ACK and today's video is another video that is completely not reptile related we're going to be talking today about Chrissy Teigen and her brand new pet hamster peanut butter they were both been causing a lot of controversy on Twitter if you've been active on Twitter over the past couple of days you'll have definitely seen something about hamster gate which has been this whole controversy surrounding Chrissy tigon versus the whole pet community it all started about two days ago when Chrissy brought peanut butter the hamster home she'd gone out and bought a hamster with no kind of research done at all she had no idea that Syrian hamsters couldn't be Kohath together she had no idea about the kind of diet that they needed she had no idea about the kind of enclosure they needed either so when she got home she posted this video on Twitter of peanut butter chewing on the bars of her new enclosure with the caption is this normal so the pet community really did rally together and told that no that really shouldn't be normal cage fighting in hamsters is

often a result of boredom or stress as the result of having too small of an enclosure and if cage biting goes on too long it can result in a number of injuries including broken or misaligned teeth as well as facial injuries and in clothes that is too small often like the ones pushed by pet stores are often much smaller than the recommended minimum size of enclosure for hamsters which can result in hamsters being stressed out by being cramped in an enclosure that is too small for them to roam around in so before I get on to talking more about the right kind of enclosures that hamsters will thrive in I want to go into a bit more detail about Chrissy's tweets regarding the incident so the first tweet that I take issue with reads they told us we can feed her anything my mom said rice and they go no not rice aside from that being incorrect because hamsters actually can eat rice in small portions this just goes to show that Chrissy had not done any research about hamsters or their diet prior to the pet shop to buy well when the pet shop told her that hamsters could eat anything that was making a large generalization hamsters are naturally omnivorous and

they should be fed a very varied diet to keep them happy and healthy just feeding them this or that without doing any proper research it's not good Road with the husbandry and the fact that she had gone out to buy a hamster without doing any research on the very specific diet that they eat is very problematic the same goes for the fact that she asked if she could buy her new hamster a friend while dwarf hamsters can be cohabited with success Syrian hamsters like peanut butter cannot they are solitary animals and do not gain anything from being housed with another animal they will definitely not be friends as Chrissy thought and the likelihood is that they will fight Chrissy said that the lady she talked to she's probably an employee's said that cohabiting them together that would result in bully scars but the truth is that the dangers of cohabiting hamsters together could go a lot further than that if they are housed together they could fight and then one could actually kill the other now imagine if she hadn't met that lady or that employee imagine if she'd gone out and brought home two hamsters instead of just one and then

one of them had ended up injuring or killing the other one that would have been completely Chrissy's fault as the result of going out and impulse buying pets without having done adequate research beforehand so with all that being said let's move on to the type of enclosures that hamsters really need to thrive first is the one that Chrissy bought peanut butter so it is generally agreed that the minimum recommended size of enclosure is one that has 450 square inches of floor space for the hamsters to roam around in either bin or tank enclosures are preferred because you can buy them quite cheaply and they are just wide enclosure spaces whereas a lot of these small tiny hamster cages that you see with all the little tubes and all the little kind of compartments they don't actually have a large surface area for the hamster to roam around in even though they do have these little tubes and compartments that is not the same as having a large amount of floor space bin enclosures and tank enclosures are often great as well because it allows you to really load up the substrate to give it a good couple of inches which is amazing as hamsters love to burrow and dig

tunnels tanks are also definitely more secure and peanut butter proved this because already in just the two days that Chrissy has had peanut butter she has escaped twice already hamsters cover a really diverse area in the wild you can find them in Belgium too green to Syria and even northern China though about 26 species of hamster in the while but there are only about five species that are kept in captivity as pets they are most active at night where in the wild they would spend hours and hours after dark foraging for food in the wild they really do cover up mile searching for food which is why it's so important to give them an enclosure with as much space as humanely possible they will utilize every square inch of space in that enclosure by keeping hamsters in small wire cages we are taking animals but need to roam it's in their very nature it's in their biologies and built-in there to explore and to roam it's what they do they sleep in the day and then at night they go out and they forage and they explore and you are taking an animal that does all of that and forcing it to live its entire life

in something that is just as big as that by that it's not acceptable at all why do we think that it is ok why is it generally accepted the Bears okay now we don't know what brand of enclosures that Crissy bought for peanut butter however small wire cages have unfortunately become the standard cages like that are recommended by pet shops despite not being the very best option for hamsters due to the popularity of children keeping small animals like hamsters there are so many cages considered cute on the market that are so unsuitable for hamsters it's ridiculous and yet people buy them because they are not properly educated about the subject and as I said because they are cute and they like how they look a brand called critter tails is probably the worst offender of the lock when it comes to these kind of cute cages critter trails is manufactured by Katy a brand responsible for producing many products all for rodents which are actually unsafe such as their scent is bedding and cotton nesting material as well as the tiny cage is marketed for hamsters and other rodents critter tails cages usually have below 200 square inches of floor space which is less than

half the minimum recommended size for hamsters in addition to that often they're in built wheels are way too small for hamsters so why a pet shop still selling them and actually pushing them to their customers as long as people are going into pet shops or educated and buying products like these tiny little cute cages they're telling companies like Katy that there is demand for them other people their products and as long as there is a demand these products will be kept on being manufactured and sold now Christie admitted that she had done little to no research before getting peanut butter with this absolute belter of a tweet you should have done your research before getting a living breathing animals well newsflash I had two babies that I didn't research either why are you proud of this why why why are you proud of this admitting that you did no research before getting an animal isn't something to be proud of at all you are admitting that you've walked into a pet shop having done no research an impulse bought an animal that you have got little to no knowledge about getting defensive when you're called out solves

absolutely nothing the issue with influence is getting pets on impulse or keeping them with below adequate care is that a lot of people look up to them and think that this behavior is okay now Chrissy has ten point nine million followers on Twitter alone if she glamorizes a tiny cage for her hamster at least some people at least some of their followers are going to see that and think that that is okay they think that she might be really educated on the topic and that she knows what she's talking about when in fact she hasn't done any research so chances are some of her followers might go out and do the same thing they might impulse buy a hamster or by exactly the same cage and do what she did if an influencer can go into a pet shop and impulse buy an animal in its setting such a bad example for the millions of followers that they have so many people follow and look up to Chrissy and it's the job of influences to do a really good job and to set a good example for their fans and Chrissy's just not doing that in this case with peanut butter the hamster my point being if Chris he had spent even an hour researching about

information on hamsters she could have found so much more excellent information about what they need and how to look after them it's simply not okay to just do five minutes of googling and then go out and buy a new pet as owners we are solely responsible for the lives of our pets if they live a short life filled with stress and boredom that's on us if they sustained injuries or even get killed as a result of us cohabiting them with another animal that they shouldn't be that's on us as well it's our responsibility as owners to keep researching and keep improving on our pet husbandry and it is true that everybody makes mistakes but you're putting yourself and your new pet an absolutely massive disadvantage if you're going out and impulse buying an animal with no prior research depending on the species of her hamster that you have they should live anywhere from a year and a half to three years and if your hamster dies early as a result of stress or injury from improper cage or because of an improper diet or any other improper husbandry then that's on you as an owner so Chris each did end up ordering a two-story glass condo with a

hammock until it arrives there is no way to know whether or not this new enclosure will have the minimum recommended floor space of 450 square inches but it's a definite good start and a step forward for Chrissy and peanut butter however for her to say stop yelling at me it's so aggravating when there's just being concerned members of the pet community desperately trying to help her help her pet hamster people wouldn't have had to tweet at her at all if she'd done the correct research before going out buying peanut butter and provided an adequate enclosure for her from the very start and these are the same people trying to help her as well catch peanut butter who has managed to escape twice since like these people are just trying to help you help your hamster they're not trying to bully you they're not trying to hate on you they just want you to help your hamster as best as you possibly can because it's all about being the best pet owner the pet community is not trying to bully or send hate we are just here to educate and correct the misinformation that is all over the internet on pet care by impulse

buying a pet and then talking this way about the people and just trying to help her she is undoing all of the really hard work that the pet community has been doing to stop the spread of misinformation and instead to spread correct information all about animals and pet hair now Chrissy I'm not gonna say thank you for upgrading peanut butters enclosure when you should have bought something like that from the very start this isn't spreading hate this is spreading backs please please please accept the responsibility that you have as an set a good example of how to own a pet hamster to your millions of followers and give peanut butter the best life possible not just the bare minimum except that you did wrong please plant the people that have helped you and try and make this into a gigantic learning lesson so that the people who follow you don't make the same mistakes that you did please do your research before buying a new pet and just because your favorite influencer has gone out and impulse bought an animal does not mean that you should do the same

thank you so much for watching this video guys I know it was long and I know it was rambly and I know it was not about reptiles again but I did feel it was really really important and needed to be addressed if you would like to see more of me you can actually find me on Twitter and Instagram now at anacondrai act the same way that is spelled here on youtube if you like the color yellow and you like reptiles then you should definitely check out my Instagram feed and know you like it if you haven't already then please remember to subscribe to my channel and click the little Bell notification and then you will never miss on one of my uploads please be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and please leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think if you want to support my channel I will also leave my patreon link in the description box below so you can support me and help you make more videos for you guys until next time I'll see you later bye guys [Music] you [Music]