08 December 2018

Christmas gift ideas for your dog

In this video, I will share with you my take on BEST Christmas gift ideas for your dog. Most dog owners think about buying materialistic items like collars or ...

hello that lover in this video I'm gonna

share with you some gift ideas for Christmas for your dog it's my version of gift ideas for Christmas so let's get started hello dog lover my name is sorry I'm a dog trainer also coach dog owners if this is your first time welcome and if you wanted to come and educate a dog lover and train your dog without the use of treats food force or domination make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon as well so you will get notified as soon as I post my next video so in this video I'm going to share with you my version of five perfect gift ideas for Christmas for your dog the reason I say my version is because when it comes to dogs I look at it from dog's point of view what benefits the dogs so what can we give as a gift to a dog that is going to make your life better and their life actually much better so here's my list so gift number one is my book I have written a book and I published it a couple of years ago and it's called a dogs five essential needs this is a perfect book for all dog owners to read and understand exactly what they need to provide for the dogs on daily basis which is five daily essential needs that you need to provide

for your dog which are exercise training socialization care and affection and in this book I explained all this while in details because dog owners need to be educated in order to have a good dog if you want to have a good well-behaved healthy and happy dog you have to be educated you have to know what exactly you're supposed to do and provide for your dog and the book gives you those information so that's my gift number one gift number two is my online our training course in this dog training course you will learn how to train your dog without the use of treats food force domination aversive tools like shock collars prawn collars it's a perfect course for new dog owners puppy owners if you even have a dog now and you want to start training your dog if you had training done with your dog and you were not happy with the method or the results of the training that you have done this is a gift for you but if you educate yourself you will have a great dog my opinion 60% of the training is dog owner training and the 40% is the dog itself if I am able to train you you will have a good dog so that's my gift number two gift number three I want to ask you to

provide fresh food for your dog instead of feeding your dog kibble or dry food or canned food I want you to start changing the way you look at diet in general for your dog dogs need to eat fresh food dogs are designed to eat raw meat they're not designed to eat kibble or dry food so give the gift of health and happiness to your dog by providing fresh food for your dog fresh ramen if you need information I'm going to leave some links in the description below and also I'm going to link some here you can go ahead and watch and learn about this raw diet the next gift fourth gift is probiotics this is a product that I'm very happy that I'm actually sponsored I'm very happy and satisfied with this product and I'm really excited to share this product with all dog lovers the reason probiotics are important is because it's an addition that you can add to your dog's diet and dogs food or it's an addition that you can add to your dog's food so your dog is going to have a healthier and happier life for a longer life so if you want your dog to live a healthy long life you want to add also probiotic to your dog's diet and I'm

gonna leave the video that I've talked about in details about probiotic in the description and here as well and gif number five is making the commitment to spend quality time with your dog everyday dogs are not materialistic they don't care what kind of color they wear they don't care what kind of bed they're sleeping all they care is what you provide for them the quality of time that you spend with them the interaction that you have with your dog that's more effective more important and more valuable that's the best gift that you can provide your dog for this Christmas commit to spend quality time with your dog every day what I mean quality time is not just sitting on the couch and watching the TV spend time with your dog take your dog for a walk play with your dog everyday take this you know extra 15 minutes of your day and train with your dog do all kinds of activities with your dog spend as much as time as you can with your dog dogs live a short life and unfortunately they don't live enough with us so the time the short time that you have enjoyed them and that's the best gift that you can give to your dog and to yourself so

that's my list of five gift ideas for Christmas this season for your dog hope you enjoyed it if you have any questions leave those questions in the comments area and have a great holiday season and until next time have fun with your dog [Music] [Music]