10 January 2019

Christmas Village and Surprise Cat

I love putting up my village, 4 or 5 years now, it's getting bigger new things are added every year. I love looking at other ppl videos so I thought I'd share... Let me ...

Christmas village December 2018 even

though it's into January 2019 I can't seem to get a proper video of my village so I apologize for a poor narration I would really like some tips and ideas on how to improve the village that I have so love to put together I took an earlier video and it was at night time and as you can clearly see is getting laid out and I live in Canada pretty cold that's my backyard and I'm in my sun room and my sun room can hold this huge village and I put it on tables with sheets decorate a little bit mm-hmm so that part we just passed I call that the industrial side of the village that's where all the workshops are the chimney sweep the police station the left side is the police the ambulance the hospital doctors kids skating down the village is at church at the end the water station at the other end and I put the train station in the middle and then going over to the side I would consider this the downtown area Dickens is getting baptized town Christmas tree town theatre ballroom dogs wanting the house buy some flowers at the at the nursery confectionery toy store apothecary in the post office here I got a lot of

little things and I got a lot of lighted Christmas trees to improve the village now kind of the road ends there but I've kind of made like a side road here beside another fire station and on this side the opposite side of the main is the farm area because somebody gave me all their farm stuff so I've got Barnes and Barnes farm houses tractors cows and horses and there's a Christmas tree down so there's Pond swans boathouse guys fishing and behind that it's more like I don't know loggers and maybe beer makers that's another the back of another mill and a cat hello what are you doing in there ginger huh okay so I don't usually let the cats in but she snuck in uh-huh and it's all cozy at the base of my river at the base of my mountain I threw a couple of blankets on top of the tree cat tree I'm a little humbled now that's a underneath those blankets is a cat tree and I'm using it as the mountain works kind of good but anybody have any ideas how to make that look like a mountain and not a cat tree with a blanket over it would be great all right let her snooze so that's an old blue sheet with blue lights underneath it there's my people skating

it comes with music but I hate the music then there's the chowder house which a lot of people have it's a great item the hard thing about it is positioning it because half of the house has water so it's got to be on water and the other half on land and so here next to the chowder house I've got my little forest there's a dad and his son getting my tree those people have left with their tree lady's taking a picture it's The Hiding deer and up above that forest is what I call the gated community it's right next to the mountain the gated community is full of houses that are really pretty got one there we've got people sitting down to dinner little girl coming out of her house some very nice houses here and then the children playing outside there's another little wee pond I always forget to turn that one on that's it one beside the village is my tree I have two trees one in the living room and one out here and this one is just full of birds small kinds of birds topped with birds and sparkles so that's where I set so I'll back up a little bit that's my that's my Barbie room I think I've done a video on that

in the thumb room here and this is where I put my village so there's the bird tree gated community the forest the mountain the water farms downtown train an industrial area and ginger ginger way in the corner there okay now it's time to let the doggies in