10 February 2019

Cleaning My FISH TANK & Feeding BEARDED DRAGONS! | Pet Vlog/Care

Cleaning My FISH TANK & Feeding BEARDED DRAGONS! | Pet Vlog/Care.. I fed my bearded dragons (diet), and also full cleaned my goldfish tank! Everything ...

hey everyone welcome to my channel if

you're new or welcome back if you're a returning subscriber as yes in supplement title of today's video I will be doing a just general padlock where I do some cleaning updates feeding and more I don't know 1000% what I'm gonna actually do but I do know that I'm gonna be feeding my bearded dragons and the biggest thing is gonna be doing a full cleaning out my fish tank we're just gonna take me probably a little over an hour so you guys are just gonna see a little fragmented part of that obviously on Friday February 8th so you guys probably seen this on the 10th on Sunday and if everything went as planned I will be have I will have gone actually to the reptile expo or just leaving as this video goes up so expect the vlog from that soon if that happened but yeah we're gonna be talking about the praying mantis that I hatched and if you haven't liked metamour anything the links that will be right up here on the card so you can check that out but before I talk too much in this intro let's just get right on into today's video hey guys so there is Athena's food ball she's over here on the other end of

her tank staring at the super one so we're just gonna give her some super worms [Music] guys Hercules really wants her warm so I'm just gonna hurry up and give these to her so that he will stop trying to eat hers but as you guys saw the here are her worms I'm actually gonna put a little bit of calcium and vitamins on these and a couple coats got in here but honestly she's not gonna eat them so that will be fine all right Sofia here's her food and I'm just going to put this in [Music] all right everyone there is Hercules Azam little setting of worms I don't know why just it's setting that mean no sense but yep there his worms he might not eat them outside his cage so guys he has like the worst aim I'm so serious oh but you got that one guy so I'm Hercules over the I have to put his hammock back up as well but I did have to put his food in there cuz he was going to crazy since he saw Athena right there goes his hammock and I'm just gonna miss him with some dechlorinated

water to help him shedding okay alright guys so theaters had a nice full meal so now I'm just missing her down now as well so that she could just you know it's always good to miss them even if they're not shedding firstly you can drink maintenance so you guys might not see me for another few minutes because now I'm going to start cleaning the fish tank which is just so fun all right so I have unplugged air filter already but um obviously I have to take them out and I removed their light to that so it's on the floor but I had this little bucket here we're trying to be putting my goldfish in as I clean their tank [Music] so really quick guys um yeah I'm gonna give an update about my gold finish probably in another video honestly but here they are they have grown so much since I got them and actually I have a story like I mentioned that I'm gonna have to tell about my orange fish but pretty much he was really really sick I'll talk about that more in a future video but just the shape of them from the top was so weird to me all the time because they almost look like little squares

[Music] [Music] alright guys so I just finished cleaning everything from downstairs I did not wanna bring my whole camera ring lighting plumbing equipment downstairs so I didn't record that process but it's still my goldfish already there there is a rock that they had in their aquarium I'm not sure if I'm going to add that back and just because it still has so much algae on it then I have their little PVC pipe their little path those plants and their filter netting and more so now I'm just going to take out the thermometer and the more emo moss ball from the tank so that I can begin siphoning out the water [Music] [Music] so the things that I use for a water change or cleaning anything is this five gallon Home Depot bucket just to collect the water I also use my um Petco I think it's like a magic area or something brand water safe thing just to get all the water actually out and then the last thing that I use when I'm putting the water back in is just on this used mixing bowl just so that the stand isn't

scattered all over but I don't think I'm actually gonna be using this today because I'm getting rid of the sand [Music] alright guys so it's about 15 to 20 minutes later and I forgot to start filming when I started doing this but I got all the water out dumped it out and now I just took out like a majority of the sin and it's in that little yellow bag over there so now we're gonna take this tank outside and hose it all down I'm probably not gonna record it either just because I'm going outside so I will see you guys when I come back in with a clean tank all right guys so we have come back in after a long I had a whole horrifying experience outside but my water source but we have cleaned down the whole entire tank and I'm about to start bringing in the fresh water to fill up the tank I didn't tell I have already mounted be hang on back closer to the back of the tank so like I said we're gonna start just pouring the water [Music] [Music] guys honestly cleaning fish is so messy like this is so fun to clean up as I

assumed the fish thing gets finally completed this right there but like I thought it did it did take just over an hour we were probably around an hour and a half and I'm so tired of cleaning it so I guess I'm gonna see what I do next but there will be a tank tour and like kind of update video that coming soon so like after that if you want to see the full tank it came out really nice really beautiful so I like the way it helped the Fisher happy healthy in it and yeah so we're gonna see we're gonna do next hey everyone so it's actually the next day I never continued filming on last night because I was just exhausted after cleaning out the fish tank but right now I'm just in my backyard probably why it's a little hard to hear me because the stream is running but I'm actually here with Athena as you guys can see all right there alright so actually just right here in my backyard in my Creek and like woodsy area and here's the you know she's just hoping soaking in some natural rays she's really enjoying it she's right over the water and I don't like it looks a little scary but it's honestly not she's just enjoying herself and we're just out of here she's fasting

and yep later that same day passed the theme that I gave her a bath I ended up doing a couple more update type things but I think that's all that I'm gonna be showing you guys for today's videos so I hope you guys did enjoy let me know what your favorite part was down below in the comment section definitely if you liked today's video give it a like so that more people can see this video as well if you like to continue to follow me on my journey and see more frequent pictures posting updates you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram which will be just like right down here which are just Curtis the same I also want an Etsy shop where I sell kinds of planets rodents reptiles birds and more so if you want to check that out link that's always in the description of all of my videos and actually in today's video I do not talk about my mantises as I expect you that I would but nothing will be coming however if you haven't already check out this video right here where you guys can see like the whole story how they hatched all of that and then you can click right here to subscribe to my channel so make sure that you do not miss any more of my future content I

hope you guys enjoyed today's video and furthermore see you guys all in the next one