23 August 2017

Cleaning Part 2

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okay woohoo here we are in the hallway

as you can see my baskets empty everything some here up there is put away I have my empty basket so I can fill that with all the clothing that's on the hallway bathroom in the hallway and this thing here I'm going to put somewhere which you will see [Music] [Music] and in case you're wondering yes it is very hottest today what my friends and here you are in the glorious bathroom of homestead testing yes this is how small my bathroom is and not everyone is brave enough show you their bathroom take a look why do people do this come ah yes it must be a man thing so as you can see there are some things that need done here so what all do we need to do well let's put a new bath towel in let's fix it once as they're all the floor needs was the shower needs wipe down testings been a little sloppy what do you think that meets all cleaned off that's my Basin for washing my floor so let's get started let's transform this bathroom into something a little more manageable and there you go my friends

the bathrooms all spic and span and clean and test these little area is all cleaned up so now we got the bathroom done and that leaves us with the bedroom so let's go to the bedroom and see what we find there now remember my friends this is all the same day for me but for you this is two days worth of work oh I love our ready to give it up but we're at the end this is the last room that Tessie has to work on and yes this is my bedroom and techie in particular - it's just I had a really really rough and busy week but that's no excuse now is it but it's all done so the printer without being that in the dining area and the printer is going back in the office the bed I am washing the sheets I think you all know from before we have our mattress is really bad so we lay on a lot of comforters to make it soft so I do have sheets on top here and they're going to be done real soon but I'm going to pan around and show you a little bit what needs cleaned up and yeah we're almost done thank you so much for sticking with me through all this because you guys are my encouragement to get job done okay do you see what's wrong with this picture

seriously do you see what's wrong with this picture why do people take the chairs of the clothing cheers are for sitting on and chairs if we're looking pretty Cheers are not to be hanging clothes all over we're going to clean up these cluding and what's up with this test you're slacking we got to get these water bottles out here because they do not belong in this bedroom so this is the first job I have to do in this bedroom now look look at this beautiful antique drawer set and uh I have it so cluttered up this is just ridiculous I mean take a look at how that's clutter let's get it cleaned up well my friends the bedroom is done the bed is clean everything's dusted there you go my friends whoo doesn't that look better I want to say you guys come up to the inspiration infer come along with me as I show you in mitigating details of my life and just to share with you that just like you some days I just seem to slack off and I need to get work done and I got it done man thanks again for watching I might be pissed here what helps to hide the outer you to

go and dr. Phil and [Applause] you