07 November 2018

Cleaning up my dogs playhouse plus Watch these adorable pets reactions

My dogs are very picky when it comes to their playhouse especially their dog treats can you relate?


hey buddy oh look at you dirty for the hot days huh you see why you like them what you guys doing livvie doing yard work cleaning up their home in their playground and my dogs are always curious and they're really happy and whenever they did this backyard cleaned up so I'm out here with my dad so that's why I had to get off of Xbox and been really busy the past two days since he's been home helping him with all kinds of stuff so yeah that's Lily right there and that's living and yeah so it's it's been pretty crazy and hectic because of my dad's been making me do a lot of stuff for him which is a good thing because you know keeps me busy and stuff but um my dogs are obviously really excited and really happy that they do have they're starting to get a a clean backyard so yeah as you tell like they're all sniffing all the new areas that are clean then you were sniffing the flowers and and hiking their legs you know how you think it it would be just males but to be honest with you it's my female dogs too and well my ducks and trained em I guess to do that and yes this is one of their favorite spots right here this big Bush well

we're actually gonna try to do is cause I'm gonna get up for sec what we're gonna actually try to do is write those plans that oh my dad's gonna put planning trying to save some of those parts of those plans that so they'll be replaced and a different part of our backyard yeah so my dad knows a lot about plans so which is how a full-on stuff when it comes to saving saving them so yeah so in case you guys are wondering if you are enjoyed at all by this video drop a dislike please but if you do truly that love singing when dog videos which I'm planning to do because like I said I'm running out of ideas please you know just leave a comment and you know you don't even have to leave a like or just like if you don't want to leave a comment if you don't want to but you know what if you want to men just follow me on on YouTube and I'll be really cool so I'm gonna start uploading this video right now and yeah so I'm gonna start uploading this video I think right now and so hopefully some of you guys were out of school already East Coast wise maybe maybe a school I don't know but when you guys get at home you know just know that I'm

making a video on daily so and yes they're wearing bows and my darks in and my Jack Russell which is right here Libby they both have bows on them for the holiday season which is really cool and this one right here she's just she actually stops me the whole night last night it was really cool and she had done and rocked me or anything she just left with me in my bed shaking her leg again and yeah and yeah it's weird right you know the only thing of email dogs that would hike their legs but you know she does it she does that she's learned it somehow but anyways yeah I'm going I love this video soon and hope you guys see this thank you guys for watching this is rave toes and say ciao my faint friends