27 July 2017

Cockatiel Care

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hey guys and welcome back today we're going to be talking about cocktail fairy designs attention to don't be grumpy these guys are the most popular pet parrot in the United States I think the reason for that is that compared to other parrots they are less expensive to obtain and maintain they are smaller so they're easier to handle therefore the by shirt a little like and they are extremely social Birds making them really good pets for a lot of people now cockatiels are in Paris so when I go over general care requirements such as meal chain or dietary requirements it does apply to cockatiels as well they are in the family of the cockatoo so they do have similarities such as the little feathers on the head and they also produce a dust like the other cockatoos and that's one of things that I like about cockatoos is that to me they feel softer than other types of Parrish and it's because they produce a dust so it coats their feathers but it can also make them a lot a Messier and I don't recommend cockatoos and cockatiel especially talked appeal for people who have asthma or other allergies this can actually make your allergy a lot worse

they do produce a lot of dust and feathers and just they're very messy Birds Joe don't get a cockatiel if you want a pet that's going to be very clean all the time they're clean themselves but their cage is always going to be really you know dirty around it with feathers things like that so you have to clean it often and then when they're sitting with you we'll see if she does it today but sometimes she'll be sitting here and she'll just ruffle all her feathers and pretty soon I have like all of this like stander and like dust and stuff in my hair so it's something you have to be aware of if you want a bird like this now of course social animals always need a companion it's generally a good idea to have to caucus you so if your cockatiel is not tame they do need a companion there's no but what if the what if I spend a lot of time with it was my break isn't like other forests in cockatiel needs a companion so if that's not going to be you if huge if it doesn't like interacting with you and for you to handle it then maybe someone to interact with so ready right now is by herself and this can be because a handset cockatiel can be difficult to

introduce another cockatoo to this basically happens with a most parrot species if they're hand raised and so she is very demanding of my time and she spends a lot of time with me so right now she is by herself I may choose whether or not to you know get her a companion later on in the future I do want to get another cockatiel especially one that she would you know like being with but it's really gonna depend on her and how she would do with another cockatoo if she's going to accept a companion so with the hatching Birds it's a little bit different as out of course it brings up taming and all of that it is very difficult to tame a parrot that has not been raised by humans so if it's been parent race it can be very difficult to tame so if you want one like this that you can interact with and all that it's going to be a whole lot easier for you if you get a cockatiel that has been turn fed or hand raised they're much easier to socialize with and like I was saying I do spend a lot of time with Remy she gets at least four hours outside of the cage every day more depending on my schedule but you know I also I don't go to school I don't

work outside of the home so it's okay for me to have just her because we're interacting with each other all the time whereas that might not work out for someone else's schedule now good place to start looking for a cockatoo and saluting rescues and look for a first rescue but it can be very difficult to adopt a parrot through a bird rescue depending on where you are so the next suggestion I would have would be to go to a bird Expo and there you're going to be able to buy a cottage feel directly from a breeder as that way they'll be able to answer all of your question and if they can't answer all of your questions they're probably not a good person to buy a cockatiel from and then there is also pet shops and things like that just remember though that pet shops are going to have cockatiels very overpriced now something really important to remember about parents is that seeds are not a good diet for parents so you can't get a cockatiel or any type of parent and expect to be able to just read it please out of the bag every single day that's not healthy and it's not a good option for companion parrots I find that for cockatiels at

least 60% of the diet should be fresh food and then the other 40% can be seeds now remy loves her seeds but she does not get her seeds if she does not eat her morning serving of chunk now chop is the best way to feed companion parrots and if you're wondering what that is or if you have questions I'm feeding a pair a healthy balance of fresh vegetables then be sure to check out my video how to be a parent now I did a video just kidding right here and it's going to answer all of your questions as far as feeding birds and why these are bad and why you should be feeding frustrated so please watch that video before asking any questions about that part of their diet and then of course it's also great to provide them with a cuttlebone and a mineral block now they do need to be provided with water 24/7 and this should be changed out daily they also enjoy taking baths and you should find out how your bird enjoys taking of that Remi I actually take into the shower with me but not all birds like that now for cages you want to go with an open wire case I have seen some people make very cages out of furniture but the one is glass are really not a good option mr.

Fry's limited airflow it gets really stuffy it's not healthy for the brace so you do want to make sure that is going to have wire so that you get constant airflow it does make you know the room and everything a little bit Messier but your birds health is really important now a 24 inch by 24 by 18 is ideal for cockatiels but anything bigger than that is perfectly fine however you want to make sure that the bar spacing is good so about 5/8 is what you want to go away anything bigger than that the cockatiel can actually get its head through the bars and then it might get stuck and it can break its neck so it's really dangerous if your parent can get its head through the bars they also need a lot of time outside of the cage and this gives them a lot of exercise a lot of stimulation and it's time to be social with you like I said Remy spent a lot of time outside square cage now while they're in the case they of course need a lot of mental stimulation so lots of toys is really good for them I make a lot of toys for Remy and you can actually say how to make toys by clicking on the I card right here it's

also important to provide a lot of perches in the cage you can also get things like ladders little bells different things for them to play with and to simulate their mind and that's about it for cockatiel care so if you can make a 20 year commitment and you can provide all the care that we mentioned and you don't mind a little bit of mess with dust feathers and bird poop then maybe a cockatiel is the right pet for you thanks for watching and you can see more of Remy on my Instagram see you next time bye