20 June 2017

Coconut Oil Healthy For My Dog? Coconut Oil Helathy For My Cat?

is coconut oil healthy for my pets? is coconut oil healthy for my dog? is coconut oil healthy for my cat? check out the accompanying blog post here: ...


hi welcome i'm jessica the for a family coach and today i want to talk to you about something that just got posted last week I actually think it's being printed tomorrow that is going around social media it's becoming viral I have seen so many people post about this what am I talking about the American Heart Association came out with a statement they say that coconut oil is absolutely horrible for you don't eat it don't use it and why am i talking about this with you because I actually promote these coconut oil with your pets as well I use coconut oil my husband and I use it and I do use it with our pets in many different ways from adding it to their food because it's a healthy fat to the MCT oil that we've talked about in other videos which is I the MCT oil that I use firm on myself and my pets is a derivative of coconut oil to topical applications I use it to make my homemade lotion and my makeup remover I use it to make applesauce for the dogs and cats to help keep their paw pads nice and and not dry and cracked and brittle like a lot of tall cats tend to be so what's the deal like is coconut oil actually good for you is it actually

bad for you what should you do which is what should you be thinking right now should you be changing what you're doing well I'm not gonna draw this out I actually um will I'm going to answer this question for you but I'm also I wrote a blog post about it goes into even more detail I'm going to give you the link as soon as I'm done with this video so you can go read more about it but I've done more research on coconut oil because the aah-aah a came out with this statement they actually I read the statement they compared it to be fat and they said that it's horrible for your health they do not recommend eating it are you know ingesting it in any way and so what's the truth what are you to do well the truth is that back sixty some years ago doctors scientists came out and said hey why are we having so much heart disease in America right now and they said it is because of the saturated fats they weren't eating it saturated that this is the lipid theory of heart disease saturated fat turn into cholesterol in your body which since has been broken down into two types of cholesterol LDH and I'm sorry LDL and HDL

cholesterol LDL being a bad cholesterol and the HDL being your good cholesterol now your bad cholesterol is it actually that bad for you because your body actually does still need it you can't just completely stop ingesting uh what we consider bad cholesterol because your body needs it in our cats and dogs bodies Mia too I talked about this a lot when I was talking about MCT oil and the difference in medium-chain triglycerides and long chain triglycerides and this is really kind of same thing here so they're saying they said sixty-seven years ago that heart disease is caused by saturated fat intake it turns into cholesterol and cards causes heart disease well truthfully and I hate to admit this so listen when I'm telling you this because I hate that I'm saying this right now because I'm addicted to sugar but the truth is the sugar causes heart disease now why won't the age a change all of our nutritional guidelines and change the way we look at heart disease and say hmm well it actually isn't caused by statuary tax is caused by sugar instead or you know 60 years from now who knows so they're going to say it's going to be

caused by but why won't they change this follow the money people so the AJ is not going to change their guidelines and they're not going to change what they say heart disease is caused by because they are making way while they're funding first of all an aaj is a non nonprofit organization but not so so they need funding to continue doing what they're doing and where are they getting their money from well The Huffington Post actually published an article that showed from their 2011-2012 financial statements over five hundred and twenty-one million dollars came from drug companies so what happened sixty years ago when scientists and doctors came out and said stop eating saturated fat because this is what's causing heart disease you guessed it all these drug companies well I say all of them there aren't that many of them that are actually really doing well there's just a handful of them to control our country and I'm not a crazy person by saying that like seriously when you watch TV what do you see commercials for fast food and drugs that's how I see commercials for so just by the way um but the drug companies are funding

hundreds of millions of dollars into the American Heart Association because they don't want them to change their guidelines because they are making the drugs that so many Americans take to reduce the bad cholesterol in their systems now let's go right back to the beginning here about coconut oil so is coconut oil good for your coconut oil back for you well as with anything too much of a good thing too much of anything is bad for you too much of a good thing is also bad for you so as with anything else you need to use coconut in moderation because yes it is a saturated fat but truth be told there is so much peer-reviewed research about the benefits of coconut oil we are finding so many new benefits of coconut oil and derivatives with coconut oil that it is because it has become a threat to the pharmaceutical companies and so they don't want the a shade to change their guidelines one bit so coconut oil not only so there is debate whether coconut oil increases or decreases your LDL or your bad cholesterol but we do know that it also increases your HDL or your good cholesterol and point of fact your HDL

levels are a better indicator of your heart health than your LDL levels so if you have really good in high HDL levels that is a better indicator of how healthy your heart is than any numbers you have it in your LDL levels so that is the long and short of it the what I would suggest what I'm doing I have taken all of the information available to me and I have made an educated decision based on that information available to me that coconut oil is not bad for me that the American Heart Association is publishing old and outdated information because this lipid theory of heart disease has been debunked it's just not true and this is what they're basing it on theirs they're basing saying that's their statement coconut oil is bad for you one the lipid theory of heart disease comparing it to beef fat which by the way beef fat increases your LDL without increasing your HDL coconut oil is just the opposite and so that's that's really the truth of it that's the long and short of it I would tell you I'm telling you right now to go out and do your own research and decide for you and your pets if coconut oil is still going to be

the right thing to use in there diet for me and for my ex it is it is a much healthier option than any other fad out there and the truth is that we need fats in our diets and so do our dogs and so Dora cats we all we need fats to survive we just don't need a ton of them so that's really the problem is that we need as a country we need to learn moderation because everything is in excess and so go out and do some research and make your own decisions and educate yourself but the truth is coconut oil is not bad for you there's a ton of peer-reviewed research telling us that it is not bad for us and so I'm going to go ahead and give you the link to my blog post which links to a website that will provide you all of the information you could ever possibly need and hundreds and hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles more than you could get through in one sitting for sure and with that I'm going to leave you with yes coconut oil is good for you just use it in moderation so until next time see you later