12 January 2019

college day in my life: walking my dog + failed video

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yeah water we only serve paying customers so you'll have to order more than water if you're broke go somewhere else 50 dumplings is it a deal huh you feed me and I'll take care of those guys for you good morning everyone welcome to a new vlog it's the next day now it's Wednesday January 9th and it is a nine at 24 in the morning right now super early I just woke up and you guys have to enjoy a little morning montage usually in the morning I like to clean up because I like to start my day off with like a pretty a clean room I do still have like a small pile of stuff I don't know where to put let me know in the comments when you guys clean your room do you always have like a small pile of things where you don't know where to put it at yeah me too here's my breakfast we have half of a plane at bagel with cream cheese and grapes and coffee and now it is time to edit who else is excited I am all right guys so it's now at 10 at 29 and I am done with the vlog so it's exporting right now [Music] the Howells are now folded and the video

is done exporting so and now I'm gonna save this and upload it it is still such a beautiful day believe it or not is supposed to be winter time so this is somewhat normal in Virginia winter time it's very confusing I always say Virginia has very bipolar weather yeah yeah alrighty guys so it's a bit later no I think it's like 11:00 it's a love 49 and I just got done getting ready I'm wearing this yellow shirt it's a water stain by the way guys so I'll go away I'm wearing these ripped jeans from Union company and then my white shoes here yeah such a beautiful day out that I'm gonna go take my do G for a wal K [Music] you got a happy pooch I'm really hoping you don't poop while we're on our walk actually I'll be glad if you poop but I really don't want you to but don't want to pick it up all righty guys so we made it into the car a little poach here now we're gonna drive to the boulevard and give my dog a good walk also it is really chilly and I was not expecting that I thought it was gonna be very nice but it's kind of cold so we're gonna make this walk you know a little a

little shifty because I don't want to freeze my butt off oh I'm outside yeah yeah not gonna lie I kind of feel like I'm the Sun because I'm wearing this bright yellow shirt but not mad about it basta I gotta redo my nails too cuz the Polish is starting to come up and I think I did wrong let's crank her up that's not my business since it's a perfect lighting I'm gonna go oh my god this is horrible lighting talking about perfect lighting and it's horrible so I just got back home and since it's like decently good lighting outside I'm gonna go ahead and set up to film my college update video yeah we only serve paying customers so you'll have to order more than water if you're broke go somewhere 50 dumplings is it a deal huh you feed me and I'll take care of those guys for you go ahead and film this video and I will see you guys right after all I guys know how it went so guys um sad news not filming that video because it's actually not as good as I thought it was going to be so we're not gonna film it it's such a beautiful day not terribly too bad of a line I actually pulled it right in so we love a

fast chick-fil-a we're back with the goods I hate this going in my frickin breakfast and make farts a lot of that you love that anyway I think I'm gonna keep my camera set up here cuz I think I'm gonna try to refilm it I think I just wasn't that organized so already round 2 of filming a lot see I do have a second knowing that I'm like trying to get like in the middle of and I want you guys know how it turns out I'm gonna switch cameras and I'm gonna film and then also this battery is dying on this camera anyway so yeah we're gonna switch real quick [Music]