04 July 2014

Combining eft tapping and visualisation for your pet's health.

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hi this is Varys Jay and in today's

video we're going to do something slightly different I'm going to combine the eft tapping with visualization I'm going to give you a demonstration of this using my own example from last week which is our new kitten baby who's had a slight relapse after having cat flu and when that happened I did initially get upset after all the healing with Jennifer and she gone so well and then to see her with runny eyes and everything again was upsetting but I knew that I needed to do the tapping so i'm going to show you the sort of tapping that i did for her you can follow along and tap for your own pet at the same time so before you do quickly rate the intensity of your emotions about your pets issue on the scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being not an issue in 10 being as big as it can be for a baby mine would have got up to about a 6 and I also want you to do one other thing I want you to imagine what it will be like to have resolution for that for your pet to be in full vibrant health again because that's a picture we're going to use in this tapping so you can pause the video now if you need to to get a sense of that okay now we're going to go on

with the tapping it's so easy you just follow what I do and repeat what I say and even though you're using my words by tuning into your pet it's going to work for you and your pet okay even though I got upset when I saw babies r unease eyes I trust that she's going to make a full recovery even though it did upset me to see baby's eyes all runny and to see that you had a sort of relapse I trust that she's going to regain full health even though baby has had a slight dip in her health I trust she's gonna get back to full vitality and full recovery it's hard to see a run well it was upsetting to see her deteriorate and I let all emotions about that go now I release all the emotions that brought up any fear any sadness any worry any doubt and now I choose to see her in full health I choose to see her full wellness I see her regaining full health I see her as a vibrant cat full of health full of well-being full of vitality and I trusted she's going to make a really good recovery and take a deep breath and that was just a very quick example of how you can do tapping and incorporated visualization you can rate your number

again and see if your anxiety about your pets issue has dropped you can also see if it's made any difference to your pads condition it should help both both with you and your pet if you want further details on how to tap for your pet or for your reactions to your pets issues I do have a free video series that you can sign up for I hope you've enjoyed this video and I hope it helps you and your pets I have been Ferris Jay thank you very much for watching if you've liked this video give it a thumbs up if you want to see future videos subscribe to the channel and you can head over to the blog post if want some more tips about how to help your pets if they've had a relapse in a condition thanks again I've in Paris Jay bye-bye