07 June 2016

Communication Etiquette

Learn the basics about how to successfully communicate with lecturers, tutors and other members of staff within a higher education institute. These basic ...

hi I'm Caroline I'm the English language

and academic skills coordinator here at top education and I'm going to talk to you about communication etiquette in a professional environment I'm communication etiquette refers to appropriate ways of communicating and behaving and as top is a professional environment then there are particular ways that you're expected to communicate with and behave around academics as well as other members of staff here at top interacting with lecturers tutors and other academic staff is an everyday part of Institute life and there are many reasons that you may want to communicate with your lecturer or tutor including to clarify concepts from lectures or readings to improve your study habits and assignment results based on your feedback that you're given or to enrich your education experience and develop your knowledge and understanding but why exactly is etiquette so important basically and how good of a communicator you are really does matter you could be the smartest person on earth but if you don't know how to communicate or behave appropriately you are unlikely to get very far in any professional setting you will be required to interact and work

with others at some point and how you do this will have a great effect on the work you're able to achieve or the relationships and networks you're able to build the first thing to remember is that although lecturers tutors and other academic staff are here to help and want to help you they are extremely busy and you're one of many students that they have and they may talk to you countless students every single day so please have respect for this and always keep that in mind you may need to speak to a lecturer or tutor after class and the best way to do this is either by email which we will be looking at in more detail or you can visit them in their office but please be aware of what their office hours are not all lecturers are here full-time or always available one thing you should not do is ask for their mobile phone number it is not appropriate and you will not be given it so what is considered appropriate etiquette and be on time goes to class and some your assignments you expect lecturers to write in time and be ready to teach and likewise they expect you to arrive on

time and be ready to learn if you are late just apologize as you enter the class and take your seat as quickly and as quietly as you can don't attract attention and don't be distracting be hardworking put in the effort the lecturers work very hard planning their lessons adding resources to Moodle writing assignment questions marking assignments and a number of many other things you would never expect a lecturer to say oh I slept in or I'm too lazy to mark your assignment if you don't care about your studies why should they always be polite this is such a simple and easy thing to do academics and other members of staff work extremely hard to ensure you're provided with a good education experience respect this and respect them and lastly take responsibility for yourself don't blame others for your mistakes or make excuses for yourself and that aren't valid so let's look now at some phrases that lecturers and tutors do not want to hear have you graded my assignment yet because I want to know how much effort I need to put in for the rest of the semester and this is highly disrespectful it demonstrates that you

don't care and you have no intention of putting in any more effort than the basic requirements so why should a lecturer put in any effort in grading your assignment or even teaching the course if you can't be bothered at all and don't ask if your assignment has been graded this is annoying and you will be informed when it has so a better way to say the same thing is I would like to know what I need to work on throughout the semester so I can achieve the results I would like such as much polite err and it shows that you care about your learning and doing well the next one I might miss a lot of classes so your notes are online right again and this is disrespectful it makes you sound lazy and my you're just looking for the easy way out so a better way would be unfortunately I may miss some lectures this semester because and then you can add your reason here for example because of conflicting commitments however I would like to make sure I keep up with the course material will the lecture notes be available on Moodle this is much more considerate polite and it shows you have respect for the lecturer another one I don't want to

attend lectures because they're boring or I have more important things to do this is very rude it demonstrates a complete lack of respect for your lecturer and for your studies you may have a reason for missing the lecturers but you don't need to be rude about it so a better way I am unable to attend your lecturers because of conflicting commitments however I make sure I keep up with the lectures and readings through Moodle and so yeah just a much nicer way of saying the same thing and one that really annoys lecturers do I need to know this for the exam they will not tell you exactly what will be on the exam so instead of this you can ask do you have any good tips of how we should study for the exam you're more likely to get a response that will help you and a final one can I get an extension I'm just so busy yes so who isn't we all have multiple things we're trying to juggle unless you have a genuine reason such as a medical condition or a family emergency just to name a couple and the answer will be no the lecture is also so busy if you have a really good reason for needing an extension just make sure that you can back up your

claim and provide proof such as medical certificate simply asking will not do so on to academic pet peas and pet peas are things that a person finds especially annoying and in this case is what your lecturers and tutors find really annoying first on the list is not listening talking or playing on your phone in class if you're talking because you're asking your neighbor a question or you're using your phone to look something up because you don't understand and instead just raise your hand and ask the question or save it until after class to look it up or speak to your lecturer and doing this in class can be really distracting next asking questions that are allowed and clear in the lecture notes course outline or assignment guidelines before asking a question make sure you've checked the answer yourself it may be in your course outline or assignment description you need to take control of your own learning be independent and search for answers yourself imagine 200 students ask the same question it will drive the lecture mental not to mention be a massive waste of their valuable time another which has already been

mentioned is asking what questions will be in the exam again you will not be told this ever so instead ask for advice about how you can prepare for the exam an obvious one being lazy don't bother coming to class if you're just going to sit there and sleep not pay attention or not participate it's a waste of your time and the lecturers time your participation grade is not based on just showing up for class it's actually about how much you engage and interact within the lesson also make an effort in your assignments as it's been said before if you don't make the effort why should we so last on the list is packing up before the end of the class and just don't do it it is rude and distracting to the lecturer and your fellow classmates if you come to class make the commitment to stay to the end so that's it for me and the basics about how to successfully communicate with lecturers tutors and other members of staff here at top these basic guidelines can be applied to any professional setting so do take them away from with you yeah thank you very much for taking the time to listen to this presentation if you do one further help in the future

just send an email to me at learning at top edu Ju okay thank you