05 August 2019

Cool Wag Doggy Day Camp | Northwest Arkansas ALIVE | (Season 05, Episode 12)

Dog daycare and hotel boarding at it's best. In their spacious 12000 sq ft facility, every dog has space to run around and enjoy. The indoor arena has couches for ...


ten Rolls Royce Arkansas we love our kids and we love our dogs but why do kids get to have all the fun at daycare when dogs can't as well well at cool wag doggy daycare and hotel and spa they can you don't believe me come inside and check it out hey we're out here cool wags in bentonville with Eric the owner Eric Wagner but it's called cool wag so what's the story about that so people would say wet nerve but they couldn't say they say Wagner and then my dad shortens it to just wagging and all the all my friends started picking up on it so I became the wag the wag and now you have one of the coolest doggy daycares and hotel and spa in all of Northwest Arkansas not only do dogs come here and just chill but you have so much for dogs to do tell us about that dogs come here for daycare their parents are working two jobs whatever and they come here to have their dogs have some socialization just to play then parents go out of town for yeah business for you know weddings whatever and they need a place to stay overnight so we do boarding we do training we do obedient training and puppy training and of

course we give them baths and make them smell good so I love your motto it's we don't put baby in a cage just like Dirty Dancing we don't put baby in a corner and you would have seen before you started this business when you were took taking your dog to a doggie daycare they just put him in a cage you don't do that here do you we had a dog that was high draw I've had lots of energy and so we started shopping around and there was the caged environments and then I saw a big Great Dane with his back up against the comfortable you know this place became available and we kind of researched it and said hey we need an open play environment yeah and that's what you built and we got a Great Dane over here could we get that Great Dane to come in just to give us some perspective like cut about three coach how big a Great Dane is look at this bad boy can you imagine putting this in a cage so you don't put dogs in cages that you actually inside here you have an open space which is really cool it has couches it has things where dogs can just lay around and be cool and have fun right right people started don't

couches to us so all these leather couches it's just like home they just get to plop around and relax I would have a great afternoon just hanging out with the dog it does make you smile can we go play with some dogs sure sure so your classification system for dogs you have the littles in here what are some of the other classes we have had three or four groups of midis uh-huh what Samiti they're medium okay and then we got the big dogs big dogs all right [Music] so all dogs have different personalities how do you separate the dogs and the personalities they do have different personalities think of kids at school you got the introverts the extroverts you got the bullies you know they got Brita jocks the dogs their form of tag is hereditary okay it goes back to their genes so remember the wolf trying to kill something that's trying to get the throat so they're playing tag and they're trying to nip around the throat and if you touch them oh I get a point but the other dogs trying to do this defense of nerves and trying to get away you can't get me and you know it does a

hip check and you know it's it's it's really fun hey what's that over there what's that right this is our cement pond so this is where the dogs just come out and swim and stay cool and have fun right have fun lucky dogs got their own pool who's the best swimmer papi here is a big water dog well I didn't dress the part today or I would have got in there as well all right Eric this was a ton of fun I love dogs I had a blast I would come play here just to play with the dogs you know for the dog days of summer just like your motto says we don't put baby in the cage [Music]