21 February 2016

Coon Dog training

Train coon dog from start to finish week one.

well today in beautiful Missouri

beautiful day outside today I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to start a series of videos on how to train a king dog from start to finish and Jake is the dog we're going to start with Jake's eight months old my son is in a co-ownership with Jake and this is really the first day that we've had Jake out and anybody's really ever worked with him or did anything with me now everybody has watched the movie where the Red Fern Grows and they've always kind of dreamed of having that dog that is just their friend and their buddy and one of those Great King dogs yes we're gonna try to achieve here at our kennels we're not big into hunts and stuff but we like we love the Train pleasure dogs and that's what we hope to do with with Jake and we're gonna get started here and just yeah we're gonna pause the video and get some stuff ready okay one of the first things we're gonna do is we don't know much about Jake or woody what he's been through or anything like that so we're just gonna kind of see you got any just natural tree ability to and bryce is kind of we're just gonna see what Jakob so let's see what Jake does let's walk

on down here let's see what one thing you want to remember is is that you want to keep your dogs excited about excitements what kind of triggers their instinct and that's what we're going to deal with Jake right here so calm down natural ability tree and tree that guru we're just gonna pin and and encourage because he's uh he's trim that Coon and this is a good time don't do this like Jake you will show you a few more things that we're gonna do here in just a second pause it one thing I want to mention here is we kind of bring a finish to this little part of the training here on these pups make sure you don't overdo stuff I mean I know it's neat to see your pump jump up on a tree and and a tree like that and it is kind of exciting but you also can overdo this type of stuff and you don't want to do that too often you want to keep the game fun and exciting form while we go through these first steps of training so we're gonna call this quits right here for now we're gonna switch up things just a little bit and show you a few other things that we like to teach our dogs here at our kennels so we'll be

right back with you here in just a minute okay now we're gonna start what I feel like it's probably one of the most important things that we do and if you'll notice Jack's got on a couple different colors here he's got on a GPS tracker common and he's also got on the shot-caller now today the only reason we had those collars on there for awning right now is is because we just wanted to get used to wearing them and well you know what they're gonna be a part of his life for for a while and the first thing you know that we're gonna work on for the next week or so in not really mess with the king the whole lottery for the next week or so we're just gonna work on some basic commands and Bryce is going to price of them show you how we do that because we want to make sure that this dog knows exactly what we're asking him to do before we try to correct him on anything and in an old rope that's pretty long as a is a good training tool and will suffice for today and until we start moving up to kind of like the shopkin collar thing and stuff like that but today we just prize to just go do a demonstration here on on how we how we

teach these dogs the commands that we want to do so I'm just gonna let Bryce kind of take over here jump Jake good boy number one we want Jake to associate ease name and we also want him to know the only higher heading we expect him to come to us no matter really what he's doing that's kind of what we wanted me to do there's nothing water sting come there's nothing won't come to you or his trees across the river on somebody else's property you can't really be on and so Bryce is going through spend some time here just teaching you know you don't have him come back is is that when you told these dogs to go ahead and get down on their eye level down where they're at don't stand over them intimidate them or anything like that get down there and let them know that when they come to you that's a good and I got one more thing to show you before the days now and and we'll be back just in a second to show you that ok Bronson's been working with that for a few minutes now and one thing I want to encourage he is training sessions just you know two or three hours well just a few just enjoy your

dog don't don't just don't just wear him out with a dog and the last part that's very important that you need to know is what Bryce did there you don't want after you get through training your dog and let him be a dog and let him see what's going on and letting just kind of adventure and just enjoy yourself he'll make a lot better dog so we'll see you next week with some more training tips after we work on these things and then we can move on to a few different things so see everybody next week