23 February 2018

Covering the latest news on Lubbock Codes and the Animal Shelter

happy Friday Mayor Dan Pope with a

weekly update hope you've had a great week we had a great council meeting yesterday we spent quite a bit of time on in work session on two topics we I think I missed him last week but on codes and on the animal shelter I think in both cases council gave direction to staff as to where we would like them to go we just some brief comments I think on on codes we feel like our codes organization over time needs to become more proactive and less reactive and we talked about some ways we can do that maybe it's ways we can collaborate with other city departments the animal shelter piece we spent quite a bit of time on it also others say that we got to be better there we're aware of and I think the council is all all on the same page there and you can watch that watch our discussion and go online to the city website and pull that up if you'd like to I think you might find it interesting I think the best news and the council meeting yesterday was that we got our audit and this in city language they call it a Kaffir a consolidated annual financial report but we got a clean audit we had four I think that'll be our 14th straight audit that was clean for

the city but there were some real highlights in that audit and I think our fund balance for the general fund grew again last year we were able to control our spending we spent less than we were budgeted for which I think that's something you always look for we we made quite a bit of progress in some of our on some of our pension type of liabilities and in some places we have some work to do but it's a it'll be up on the city website should be up by Monday it's it's it's a long very long but there's some there's some key pieces of there that I think would be great for any citizen to read and if you you could go through last night's council meeting and get an update on that also where we where that was covered and see some of the highlights you might you might find that of interest to more things real quickly we're glad that that ESPN's coming here for our Red Raiders on Saturday for game day we hope you'll show up for game day and and for the game against the Jayhawks we it's a big one for us we're so proud of the coach beard and those young men and they've had such a good years I think the thing I like about them is how hard they

played how well they represent us all finally next Friday is the annual beans that Mayor's beans and cornbread luncheon this goes back 30 years mayor picnic men have helped start this and in the in the 1980s and I along with mayor's from the region I think we've got twelve or fourteen that'll be coming in next Friday to host the beans and cornbread luncheon it's it's at the Civic Center it's between 11:30 and 1:30 it's a $10 ticket it's all-you-can-eat beans and cornbread and sausage and dessert and it's a benefit for hospice of Lubbock and Hospice of Lubbock is the oldest Hospice in our region it's the only faith-based not-for-profit hospice in our region it's the only pediatric hospice in our region and the doors are open to everyone at hospice of Lubbock regardless of your ability to pay and in our communities we know that the dignity that that goes along with end-of-life and how important that is and this is hospices it's their their main fundraiser for the year we'll have a lot of celebrity waiters there they'll all be trying to earn tips to win the golden apron award but we hope that you and your folks from your office will spend

lunch with us next Friday March the 2nd Texas Independence Day and also in this case beans and cornbread the mayor of things in Corbin luncheon I hope you have a great weekend I appreciate your prayers your thoughts your good ideas we'll talk to you next week