14 March 2019

Crate technique to kennel dog up.

Human biter here for a board and train. Harness causing pain to shoulders, spine, and neck. We eventually remove that tool for causing the pain it was.


it's very tight it's twisted as you can see here and it doesn't it doesn't help control the dog and then you see the amount of shoulder issues that's like and it's not it's not the owners fault [Music] and don't think if this is being sad think of this as me asking my child to go to their desk and it's it this is the desk and the child is saying now so we're trying to be as gentle as possible to ask for this this is a biting dog to do watch out Karen because she is amazing temper tantrum anybody that has children could relate do not go oh poor dog this dog has bitten other people please go oh poor people wow you got big you know so we will get her there it'd be a little bit less of a fight if we had told the crate out and went straight from the other side but this this works too the worst thing to do is to feel bad for this okay I know it's like but sad part is the state of mind choosing people that said this is the beginning - but we'll get her there she kind of reminds me the same size about me so here's my grants again just dampen easy

up entrance god forbid a remote powers on his dog remember though we blame the harness to be to extent I do clean behind this because it is causing a discomfort veterinarian dr. King so argue with the best so zero control to get her a chance for you you should just be able if she's at the vet and cares about tech would they continue to try to use this this is exactly haven't met know it exactly don't have to show you this they'll take the gold back in the back sometimes it [Music] but like the owner does of course they don't wanna see it and just to show you a little bit about the other dogs here I mean this guy's up for adoption remember how bad ruby was with dogs she just went and sold not a damn thing how bad she was Archer crazy Jethro not a peep this is the one that's having issues rub her somebody two guys came in good same issues so stay tuned for her progress I promise you we'll do everything we can to get her in a much better state of mind and she is super cute man