28 February 2018



and the next morning this is what

we get [Music] Sanna deep too deep for you [Music] [Music] oh my goodness see that the wind just blew countless her under a tree and it put all the Snapple often like a snow squall right on my head [Music] happy on my oatmeal no Henry stop taking her baby just cuz she has it that's her baby go get your own baby we got a we got a box of babies Sarah made me some oatmeal but what craisins what else raisins Strub craisins are just raisins raisins strawberries and blues and it's lovely still cut hopes Holly he really really seems to like your baby babies cuz you were chewing on it good girl what a good girl look at her it is a lovely pretty snowy morning and we are in the kitchen we were just watching TV for a little while we being me Sarah and Daniel and the doggies Daniels all bundled in here I think if I made a fire it would get too hot in here and I don't like that feeling because I have like hot flashes and then I get too hot so

I'm gonna do some eggs and she's frying up some home fries Oh Mel did not stay with me long I'm still hungry okay well it's lunchtime doing another okay crazy what are you doing when I walk and got muddy is there one down here there got a little wet [Applause] Oh [Music] well you know what you get for getting all muddy on your belly you've got a pool guy wants to drive here Oh Oh beautiful you guys belly a guy like forgot his butt in this famous back are you concerned you're all done Henri's getting blow-dried you are smell good there buddy you like the rocking mechanism on your chair huh I put the rocker on its rocking back and forth nice good job what it means to us please I don't know I push it at you and you push it at me and then I push it back to you and you push it back to me push it both hands here we go both hands this one too okay push it we here we go nice do handed bubble bubble one more bubbles all right

[Music] that's crazy here's so funny this one gonna go speakers no way he's having a great Sunday um Sarah and I are making dinner Thomas went to a birthday party I made salmon for me and John and she's making pasta pesto and salad and potatoes I need something else oh I know if I leave you like this though you're gonna it's gonna go flying across the room right [Music] gonna have shower after dinner tomorrow my grandmother my grandmother his grandmother my mother-in-law her birthday today but we're having cake tomorrow all right I gotta go check my salmon okay can I go check my dinner so I can feed your father he's he's in such a good mood both dogs got a bath and got their little muddy bellies cleaned my belly's dirty will you believe that yeah why is your belly dirty won't fit in the sink like the dogs but you use the sprayer baby okay I'll have a shower showing showers yeah we're having baked salmon Sarah's having pesto pasta oh yeah salad are you putting did you like my crazy hair huh so it's all stuck to the top of

good Jules [Music] [Music]