12 March 2019

Crunch Fitness Cerritos Requires Papers and Vest for Service Dog

Extraordinary rude staff and exceptionally for service dog training. Complete and total fail Donate to help my cause and check out my other work! links below.

all right crunch fitness Cerritos have a

service-dog law for this one for sure it's sounding like a double I guess I'll post it double - I'll post it on big with vlogs and dr. canus when I showed up I'm a member of crunch fitness soundless my main gym I've got nationwide VIP e all that or thought I did get that I'm Mountain Orange County my home was in Orange County I'm up in LA County now I'm going back to handle out court was all about earlier and I stopped in in the crunch fitness like I'm supposed to I check in at the desk my barcode works it scans them right I go in the locker room and I'll remind you all this is the only gym that I've never had I never they didn't exist back when I had a service dog and there's been zero interaction with service dogs so they don't have any beef with me they follow me in the bathroom and I went in and I went into don't tell me you five minutes take and then I go to the sink area I'm washing my hands and the manager comes up to me and starts telling me hey look if you're just here to shower you're not welcome here you can't use our facilities you have to work out what we judge is hard

enough before you're allowed to shower I don't think that's legal it's highly offensive and when asked why you would say such a thing to me and I checked with four or five other members none of them ever heard such a thing never didn't I was talking about he said it was purely because of what I looked like and yes he was white so pure poverty I guess I hope or Dadar being fat no matter what is bad so they're getting one starve you them that's potentially legal horrible and he told me that we have to discussing I'm a VIP member Akutan and you use the massager she right like well not you and like wilt I have it the VIP I'm supposed to shower all over the country and use the tanning booths all over the countries like a lot of plows the whole country but not here then he claims this feud between them and Orange County my home gym area and that causes that discrepancy but it's not specifically because of me and then he just recants or relents whatever own with the right words when he left to be getting the tanning booth and I barely I don't bare Lee try I'm like what I was gonna do that he lets me but he

stuck to the thing life I don't workout out hard enough I'm not allowed to shower and if I'm just there to quote unquote use the facilities if I am just there to use the facilities I am not welcome so yeah one star and because of that immediately I follow it okay it's maybe the only time ever here let's check about service-dog axis and ask it means like well yeah we would permit a service dog as long as you have the proper papers and the vest and now the last of the other questions to sign up ad they had to call the manager and I heard him told her manager he doesn't actually have the dog with him and then they said oh yeah we follow all leaving open the possibility they wouldn't de followed the wall if I had the dog I'm just telling me whatever to off but this one here sticks pure discrimination absolute discrimination has to have vest clear pocket invest ID from government and the whole little speech on yeah so probably believe they had someone with that but that's just like a double grind I may never who knows what's gonna happen now they made cancel me just for looking poor which will be a new obstacle in my life

well dudes name was Kevin this is crunch fitness and it's not noise time it's an Ella we're just across into LA County and Cerritos I hope that gets trained I hope they'll do what they said they were gonna do to another person and I am gravely offended that I was approached like that on the way into the gym also I did work out and I did you bench a shuttle log in the tanning booth to say and I was gonna do that I did you bench and it was not I benched 145 today and I got indecent reps and we keep the weight down I did a lot of rap about hundred reps but it was not a stellar work out but I'm still a little sick and she's my week suit i I wasn't bragging but now I feel like that question like tune my shower it was that hard enough and of course he was the trim dude in shape and I am NOT in my prime right now so there's real question if a third party had to make a judgment call was that hard enough it wouldn't be safe money to say it is so just horrible one-star they discriminate and they're rude and if you they don't like the way you look they're gonna attack you on the way in the door

personal training sessions available for like 200 an hour okay like I'll pay them to courage my workout at this point but it's affects the service lock thing like gems are a notorious problem whenever I can get data on that I get data so fail