09 September 2019

Cute Dog Plays Hide And Seek / Logan The Adventure Dog

Hey Awesome Humans! Today I am playing Hide and Seek with my family! Watch these fun videos next: Sims 4 Seven Toddler Challenge Day 3: ...

today we are playing one of the most

favorite games again we play all the time off-camera with Logan and it's called elastic hi Norma hide-and-seek so Logan's I'm in a secret around because he's like so good seeking so good that's so good I team yeah we never taught him how to hide we've tried but I didn't work out well so he's always the seeker yep and he knows who to go after to if you say their name yeah so we're gonna have time hi hi first you ready tight nice okay so what we do for Logan is we closes we hold of them and we cover his eyes that we create this so he knows we're playing hi and he knows they're playing I think so no game you're gonna fight tight okay [Music] running Hills real SS you one look around that's like a nine ten to Betty [Music] ok so that round and Logan found him what how honestly yeah he needed a little bit of help on that one because the door was closed and Logan can't open it and so I had to crack it a little bit so he could like get his face in there and open it because he knows how to do that but it was I don't know it was a

little bit hard so now I'm set a new role if you're hiding inside like a cupboard or something you have to leave it cracked open so he could open it himself so now we're going to want to rap - who's gonna hide is it gonna be Jake Jake's gonna go hiding all right oh geez a little ice Pete you there you go you having it go ahead Jake Oh your name Logan Logan yeah he's listening he knows let's go follow Jake where's she going Jake where'd you go okay there he is hey hi bring up John Hyde come up here [Applause] oh right away oh he knows I think he's ready to go on to the next round the next round is gonna be Audrey hiding so alpha Logan okay ready one two three I'm going inside of Logan's little donkey house [Music] [Music] she looked at me in the way I hope I was holding heaven covering his eyes but as I said go he didn't maybe like ran over just food and you just started eating he was like sorry I need a lunch break and it was like look at my mistake so he had a

little food break there it's you just turn all right Logan's got a toy I'm gonna go hide so hold him Jared okay I want to hide somewhere upstairs I'm gonna hide behind the mirror okay so in the living room there's huge mirror and hide behind it [Music] this is a perfect spot I hope will actually come looking for me hey we are currently downstairs because Taiwan and Logan to come in here so we're distracting him for the frisbee let me go and chase tie right now but ties hi they give him 30 seconds but it really a hide-and-seek is like one of Logan's favorite game is that in the blue pop game oh yes and unwrapping presents oh yeah that's it he loves present and you see it Christmas is his holiday he loves Christmas for things the amber tapes but no Christmas he comes and he like Oh mr. so fan request tight tight Logan for today [Music] look at Tyler wait nope he was like let's break it into this star he's a movie star oh I'm sure she won three well women - sorry

[Music] [Music] alright guys that is it for today's video so that was Logan playing hide and seek he's usually a lot better I thought what was wrong today he just wasn't feeling I guess but he usually goes crazy like drunk yeah he like so fast and like I can hardly keep up with him that's a easy be a good job he found every single person named somehow for some rounds but that's it for today's know if you liked it remember you put a big pause also subscribe in his mouth you're gonna fight every time Logan post a new video every time bye [Music]