10 September 2019

Cute pet dog ni inday

hello good morning welcome to my channel

I'm Riley Cortado this is my pet he he is my naughty pet dog he is half Pomeranian and half German Shepherd his name is Keiko Keiko is very very naughty Kiko give me five Kiko give me five pick up give me five give me five yeah good boy good boy he gots it kick up sit hiccup sit sit Iko Iko sit he goes stand up follow me follow me follow me come come good boy run run run with me run run run run yeah keko keko keko keko keko keko keko keko well actually eco is three months old he is he is very active dog he is half of Iranian and half German Shepherd he's only a puppy I do a training every day for him to meet potty outside and and he did very well for one week he's his learning a lot from his training it's good it's good good boy good boy good boy now come come come Kieko Tom come let's go to the fix here pick up pick up give me five pick up pick up pick up I will give you a treat pick up take

away I'm not listening hi I'm so tired sorry guys I'm just done cleaning the house but I am little but I'm a little bit tired today but this is my stress reliever reliever where I am Filipino that's why Dilek opera media balloon and time I'm trying hard to speak English very well understand what I am talking here Iko Iko Iko don't bite don't bite me keko keko your nice dog yeah you're doing great you're doing great you are done your training now you are before i'm always put him on the leash because sometimes he did kick out on the carpet and the sofa but now he is doing doing good I trained him and now he is not doing Kaka anymore it's not doing putty on the sofa and carpet he did party outside of the house miss doing great and I'm happy for that because he's learning a lot from his training and now he is not working anymore when I see stop barking he will not burn wherever I go he is following me even even when I'm sleeping sleep beside me with his bed come tickle come now I will show you where is his bed this is my a mat for him to make a patty and and Libya and this his bed

love his laying down he knows his bed now you know he know his bed now good boy good boy early your laying down you sleep in your bed right now he's doing great he's very smart dog I love I love him very much I wish I wish his he is always at mind yeah Kiko come keko keko come follow me follow me yeah he's following me wherever I go it's following me wherever I go no here here here this is this is people Ella pick up pick up people who come pick up not in bed keko keko now he's going to the bed of mine I've made my dog oh my god no it's not allowed c'mere keko keko no follow me you're not listening come here from here follow me follow me keko keko keko follow me follow me no he's not he's not following me it was the bed of my dog yeah here come come madam will angry madam will angry because you're not listening I will leave you come keko keko because it's not listening now it is becoming not enough now this is the house of my employer now you guys think very much watch my channel and subscribe my channel to see or all other videos my videos thank you

very much see you soon