19 September 2018

CUTEST Mixed Dog Breeds In The World!

Check out the cutest mixed dog breeds in the world! This top 10 list of amazing cross breed dogs has some of the most amazing hybrid animals you can actually ...

hi it's Katrina from gentle giants with

blue eyes two tiny little guard dogs here are 13 of the cutest mixed breed dogs you'd love to own number 13 the pom ski sometimes you just want a small dog but you want one with a bit of an exotic flavor which is why the pom ski is a perfect mixed dog breed for people to have as a companion it's a Siberian Husky mixed with Pomeranian DNA and what makes them even cuter is their fur which can vary in color depending on the parents it's also fluffier than most Siberian Husky dogs which is a bonus for sure plus since they're only about 20 to 30 pounds you won't have to worry about taking care of a big dog with tons of energy large Huskies can pull around 3,000 pounds but with a pom ski you get the advantages of a husky in one tiny package and it won't pull your arm out of its socket when you take it for a walk keep an open mind though because it's always hard to tell how big a pom ski will get while they aren't exactly the size of a teacup remember they aren't mini Huskies so keep an open mind and do your research before getting one number 12 the Aussie door if you're looking for a more medium sized crossbreed dog then you might want

to check out the Aussie door this dog was born from the unique mix between a Labrador in an Australian Shepherd and the results kind of speak for themselves they're very cute dogs with a very nice fur coat that will no doubt welcome petting not only are they beautiful and extremely unique but just as important is that they're actually very intelligent the Aussie door is really friendly and responsive to owners and their training commands I grew up with Australian Shepherds and absolutely loved them a bonus for the Aussie door is that they have been known to have a lot of energy so they're very playful and will love to go outside with their owners this could be good or bad depending on your energy level be ready to go on some long walks with this guy number 11 the Chi goal this is a mix between a Chihuahua and a beagle a unique mix to be sure but it's actually a really cute dog when you get the right combo the Chi goal literally has the small body of a chihuahua which is the world's smallest dog but the coloring and floppy ears of the beagle can't go wrong with that right they don't get that tall most of the

time usually hovering under a foot but they can get to 14 inches they can weigh around 9 to 20 pounds depending on the dog however don't let the size fool you the Chico has a lot of energy and they're not afraid to show off their bark as they're known to get small dog syndrome if you spoil them too much they may be small but they will bark their heads off and even get aggressive to protect you because of this they can be a bit hard to train at times in general they are kind gentle and loving dogs perfect for families and now for number ten but first do you have a mixed breed dog let us know about your dog in the comments below and if you are new here be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on the latest videos we'd love to have you around here number 10 the coorg adore want another interesting mixed breed how about a Corgi and a Labrador meet the coorg adore now unlike the Chi --gel the coorg adore can get up to two feet tall and can weigh up to sixty pounds but that's good for the owner as the corridors are known to be very loyal dogs and they'll use that size to protect you they can live up to 13 years

and have wonderful variations they can have the long body of a Corgi but the chocolate color of a lab for example corridors are also very playful dogs and they can actually be pretty easy to train plus they're very patient and kind known for being very nice to children which makes them great companions I wonder if the Queen of England would ever get one she's a huge fan of corgis so I wonder if she would like the corridor number nine the chug another small dog for you to consider is the chug which is a mix between a Chihuahua and a pug both of which are known to be pretty small dogs at times so it should come as no surprise that the chug can only grow up to 14 inches of max they can however weigh up to 20 pounds these dogs are either extremely cute or extremely ugly depending on who you ask I'm more of a fluffy dog fan myself but like I say cuteness is in the eye of the beholder the chucks are actually growing in popularity because of their size they're considered perfect for those owners who want to have a dog in their lap without it crushing them plus they're actually very intelligent dogs and respond

willingly to training and moist add to that because of their heritage they're known to be high-energy and playful chugs are always looking for new people to meet and have fun with number eight the more key if you're looking for an even smaller dog and fluffier dog to carry around there's always the more key this is a unique mix between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier and yes it's smaller than the chug in fact its maximum height reaches to only eight inches and it can weigh as little as four pounds with a max of eight a very small dog indeed there's pluses and minuses to the moor key that you should know about first the Marquise is a very kind dog very loving and very accepting of other pets however because of its small frame it can get hurt very easily and you'll need to treat the dog with kid gloves to ensure you don't hurt it while handling it they can also get kind of shaky when they're nervous or cold so be careful if you can get around that though the Marquis makes a perfect pet my mom adopted a yorkie poo from a shelter which is the combination between a Yorkshire Terrier and a poodle and it is the nicest cutest dog ever if she

could get him cloned she probably would number seven the Schnoodle what do you get when you take a poodle and mix it with a schnauzer you get a Schnoodle and these cute dogs are definitely more than meets the eye they can grow to be about 18 inches tall and weigh up to 60 pounds they also have been documented to live for about 15 years but the Schnoodle is gaining the attention of many people because it's a perfect multipurpose dog they'll sit on your lap they'll enjoy the company of your family and they are very smart and nice but because of its poodle heritage it'll also have a gorgeous fur coat and can make it perfect show dog and sometimes won't even shed just as interesting the breeding of the Schnoodle can lead to various sizes there's even classifications of Schnoodle that are defined as miniature standard and giant so if you want one make sure you do your research on its parents or adopt an adult with number 6 the golden doodle if you're looking for a slightly bigger poodle mix then the golden doodle might just be for you as you can tell by the name this is a mix of a golden retriever and a poodle and

the results are very interesting the golden doodle can be over two feet tall and weigh up to 90 pounds at times this dog is an athlete and has energy to burn which makes it well suited for families both large and small and active people on the go probably not ideal for a small studio apartment this dog will not only play fetch it'll also swim which you wouldn't associate at times with dogs of certain fur types so that's clearly the Golden Retriever jeans shining through but when all is said and done the golden doodle will happily get on the floor and relax the night away with the family you get a pet and a friend all-in-one number five the bull boxer pit your eyes do not deceive you this is a breed of dog that is a mixture of a pit bull and a boxer which many would think is a very dangerous mix after all pit bulls are one of the most aggressive and notorious dogs in the world poor things have is such a bad reputation still when it comes to the bull boxer pit it's another story this dog was bred by a woman named Melinda Parrish and her experiment worked in the way that she now has a dog

that is loyal to a fault has the look of a boxer and a pit bull and yet has none of the qualities that make them famous for being aggressive all you have is a sweet little face admittedly it is cute and according to her the dog named TB is a Love Bug as it loves to show affection for Melinda it's not an official breed of dog just yet but it can be done and you might be lucky to have one of them number four the chiweenie did you think I was done showing off Chihuahua mixes nope meet the chiweenie a mix of a Chihuahua and a dachshund standing about ten inches tall and weighing around eight to twelve pounds the chiweenie is known to be a very high-energy dog so be warned before you get one that being said these dogs are also great lap dogs which is likely why they've been growing in popularity over the years since someone first decided to crossbreed them there are a few setbacks though the chiweenie is known to be a bit stubborn likely due to its dachshund genes and they have a loud and frequent bark but because of their size they can be very easy to handle and take care of so whether you're looking for a companion or a family dog the chiweenie

might just be what you need number three the golden dogs part golden retriever part dachshund the golden docks might just be a mixed breed dog that everyone can agree is lavish and beautiful coming in at 20 inches tall at their peak and weighing about 20 to 40 pounds the golden docs is meant to be a family dog in fact it's actually suggested for families and those who haven't had a pet before or if you have other pets it should get along with them just fine however the golden docs is as stubborn as it is playful that being said it is a loyal dog and a rather intelligent one to boot which can be a problem though because it can tell when the family isn't paying attention to it and when it gets bored yeah it can be a handful still between its playful and spirited nature and love of kids it can be a great family pet number two the pits key another mix with a pitbull this time with a husky to go with it the pit ski can be a very visually striking dog it's also one that loves the outdoors and outdoor activities making it perfect for those who have a very active lifestyle like a hiker or a runner in fact it's actually

recommended that anyone who gets a pit ski be a very active person as this dog will need to be tired out so you can get some peace and quiet plus with its 25 inch high and around 80 pound weight they have a big muscular body that will need the exercise because of how they are bred it's said that no two pit skis are exactly alike as such you can truly have a unique dog with a cute look that no one can match number one the go barian there are a lot of cute mixed breed dogs but few are as adorable as the goo barian this is the unique mix of a golden retriever and a Siberian Husky who on their own are some of the cutest dogs in the world or the most beautiful and when you mix them the results are very unique and this dog is growing quickly in popularity the go barian can actually be a bit big about 20 to 24 inches tall and can weigh around 80 pounds but if the looks don't get you the personality of the dog will they are known to be very smart and social dogs so much so that they are eager to please their owners they can be a bit driven but overall they're very gentle spirits and while they can be independent at times they

will be loyal to their owners and their families and they love the companionship this is a dog that wants to be active with its owner and it'll follow you wherever you go if you let it plus true to its heritage it can be a watchdog and protect you or warn you should it sense any danger thanks for watching what did you think of these mixed breed dogs which one is your favorite let me know in the comments below remember to subscribe and I'll see you soon bye