09 February 2014

Daily Vlog by Fishee Designs // Dog Walks and Eating Out

This is my daily vlog - Dog Walking up at Snuff Mills with David and Lauren and breaking my drinking ban after 6 weeks, eating at Jamie's restaurant.

yeah we gonna go for a walk hey couldn't

go for a walk we gonna go for a walk later i snuffed nails go stuffed monkey big limb cookie yeah everyone a dog work at snuff males this is my favorite place to walk the doggy they love it and like a bird I can see you my abs I hi it's nice that Suns be below the heavens ice booth night second look at this for a few whoa naked it's so pretty yeah crap it is overflowing that's ridiculous Oh well no Denny thinking cheese Louise gah that's big hill with lots of mud we are all ready to go out and we're going to puff I'm gonna have some food and I'm gonna break my drinking ban it's a scheduled plant notes not lying it's not scheduled at all I'm just breaking out and fail big fat fail this is what I'm wearing I have my crown with Rory black lot of Rosie so new eyelashes my love and a lip stick this is my new Primark portray big baggy t-shirt my new shiny the disco pants disco pants and you alright first drink in six weeks how is it so good Cheers okay fine

cuz i got chicken sandwich made out the first st. Mickey's Knights it was d ocean up there yes yeah paramount I had some fruit on things which were left and oh and Katya carbonara which was amazeballs I love debt they suppose oh and me how I put it these guys face had puddin it was d ah it was yummy I love it hahahaha nickers Queen yummy