12 September 2017

Daily W | 004-Sunday, Family Time, Dog Walk, Date Night 2,

In this episode, we're spending Sunday together and taking the dogs for a walk, enjoying LA weather, then headed to dinner as a family at The Grove LA. ...

Sunday morning this is our family time

one thing that's almost all Wisconsin is the green juice look oh it's constant you gotta take care of your health man I was just at the grocery store saw so many people just hunched over being it on their car can barely walk stressed out clearly inflamed unhealthy and just filling their carts with crap and garbage it's unbelievable guys we get one life and if we don't have the energy to live it we're screwed look I've had days where my Energy's low or I ate a bunch of junk and I felt bad or you know and the day's ruined you can't do what you want to do so trying to stay vital trick in the green juice and big-time support system the lady over there off the camera right now makes it all happen that's the truth right there it's a partnership it's a gorgeous day oh my gosh in LA in LA and we're going we're going for a walk I'm gonna take the going for a walk if you love your dog buddy you guys look a lot alike you and him don't you think bud you guys match what's your dog's name real is he cool is he a good boy [Applause]

whoo yeah who's the other dog who saw hey babe do you remember back in the day when a dog would poop on the sidewalk and all we would do basically is just leave it there you gotta pick up the poo bring it with you do everything it's my lovely that's the hottest pooper scooper I've ever seen just saying I love you yeah how could you what's not to love beautiful night at the Grove got a love la you got a love la and the Grove hey is this our second date night yeah that's you two in one week this is some days right yeah little family time the Grove is so good nobody wants to leave not even the dog yep you got to be picked up and taken out of here going out with the family here's what I want to know you grew up with your family you have a brother or sister but what is it that you bring our family so close together because coming out for dinner is one thing but coming out for dinner with you is another you make the family so what but what you're welcome but what is it that I want to know what the missing ingredient is I want people people look people want to know what the

missing ingredient is so what what is the ingredient what is it how is it that you bring so much to the table whether work [Music] the only woman in the world who won't accept you who won't accept a massage or a facial when it's family time it's got to be like middle of the week when daddy's were again there hey you know that feeling when you go to eat Italian food and you feel so bloated because you do so much red I'll tell you once a week at least once or twice you gotta eat what you want to do to want in fact about my wife when we were dating she lived across the street from the Cheesecake Factory never here by the Grove and she even got tiramisu and everything so I think they can get a buck for getting her favorite dessert in the world let's see let's eat mommy's getting her favorite dessert who's that who's that over there who's that who's that excuse me sir oh hey babe what do you get in [Music] savage just humble story gave about how you and you wouldn't quite there yet buddy

that's that's a woman who knows what she wants you