09 July 2019

Daisy's walk on Central Park grounds

Monday, July 9, 2019 Sorry for moving the camera too much. It's tough handling the leash while taking my dog on a walk at the same time. Leave comments ...

hello everybody didn't do that

how's it going today is Monday July a and Daisy is looking at that squirrel Daisy you better not catch that squirrel no leave it just catching whirl leave it Daisy a little black thing that's moving no Daisy better not no Daisy sit leave it so yeah today is Monday July 8-9 2019 I'm gonna do another vlog for you all just as long as I get Davis attention here Daisy no yeah dizzy Daisy come on [Music] yeah yeah I can never get her tension she'll never listen to me let's go Dave go Daisy look jeez I don't know how I'm gonna do this but anyways I have this ball Daisy look here's a ball I wanna catch the ball you wanna catch the boat I'm gonna catch the world okay hang on I'm gonna set this camera down hey wait we didn't ended it stay look come on over here Daisy oh yeah good that's it yeah like it's ball good

go get all flip good girl sit don't man [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good girl okay no more ball time yeah let's go so I hope all that was on camera I hope there's standing the same standing nice spot Daisy can you let go Daisy drop the EE what the beach he let go leash well nope I don't know how people film while taking the dogs on a walk but my dog is just low playing on the leash [Music] let's go [Music] the audiogram we already ran so much let me to run even more [Music] Oh

Hey how's it going my dog just keeps on pulling on the leash [Music] is it can you look [Music] like if she had a shift she get the attention on something else that she'll stop anyways she stuff like unleash that's good Daisy over here [Applause] so what do you guys talk about while making a video a few guys couldn't leave a comment below that would be really helpful so I can get an idea on what to talk about on my next video I'll be well I'll try to post one every time I get a day off from work I'm off on Friday so I'll try to make one come on Daisy nice day out you want to see a pooping [Music] Oh hey Daisy leave it how to pick up my dog yeah Daisie Daisie when Daisy

mozzie hi Jennifer Nick did you kill them [Music] they look okay I want to say hi to everyone she's like no don't put the camera in front of my face let's go Daisy that's good what are you having him oh just trying on something David drop it drop it what are you eating him phone oh my god she's just in a bow great this is why her puppy system oh well not even gonna go there never mind [Music] so what do you guys do on your days off they'll be interesting to read leave me a comment down below once again easy what [Music] you can't angle my camera very well sorry I'm trying to vlog you yeah thing about wearing sunglasses they you know I'm looking at the screen or if I'm looking right at the lens right there it's crazy over here and screen man screen Devi has put this way Devi is good this way she's like no I want to go this spring no let's go this

way she like it when I go as I swing I don't want to go that way uh once again I'm gonna have to listen to her come on let's go baby let's go anyways 15 minutes and 30 seconds so I am gonna let you guys go now and I will put another video up and Friday hopefully I can come up with something to talk about hopefully and I will see you soon subscribe and like the video and I try my best to do what if I can but just editing issue well see you later baby wanna see if I did it did you look super dizzy Buick please when I say boy okay ciao