10 February 2019

Day 10 walking the dog 🐕 5 days left to go

Saturday night and it is currently 11

a.m. hopefully we do not get a repeat of yesterday but anyways now bye everybody and see it all Phenix clip bye so I am currently back outside this time with the dogs do Toby in Lille so but all the way and honestly you just had to stay in tune I am currently I got my own place just about get the gloves and that stuff and so let's get their food and give it to him hold on everyone I got a buck you down over this just opened Toby's hood now I'm run over moving [Music] [Music] [Music] I am my jacket up I have to hood in my hoodie up honestly my head cold just sure enesta but anyway later on tonight boy it is minus 8 degrees and that is 18 degrees Fahrenheit my family members that are in the States so yeah and minus eight Celsius so yeah it's kind of chilly ask your team I have a hat on two hoods so I just got back in from being outside and as you can see by my face it is very cold whose I I don't like too cold I am ready for this my heart to be over but

anyone has a taper now I see you in the next clip of walk number 4 the last lock walk for tonight thank goodness number fours completed as you can see it off my face right here it is still a bit cold and other stuff but I never found it so cold this time around because I had my hoodie on as usual and I had on as usual and my jacket on as usual but I also had my small pants on which I didn't the last three walks this term idea to have them on so yeah but it is snowing really bad I don't even think you have been they able to even see see me so I decided that I would just doing just a mention mentioned that number walk number Wars Donegan played it for today and all the stuff and thankful it is done for today and I still have to do it tomorrow Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday but that's ok but anyways thanks for watching intro hopefully you enjoyed this video and all the stuff but see you all tomorrow maybe I don't know but anyways bye and thanks for watching