30 August 2016

Day 3 - Walking dog & more music making

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morning guys how are we all doing I'm

Erin as you all know and welcome to this vlog if you are new so we're just about to go out for walk after having breakfast and stuff and yeah we shall see you later you hey guys so we've been here for like now it now and we're watching back some old videos so say for instance from my 16th but today we made life cut short if you can remember with Shravan and Matt maja and Chris and George yeah we're rewatching some of those old videos and yeah just reminiscing a bit and yeah possibly planning maybe a another sort of film thing we may do later if you have any suggestions do put them below at some point I will make a questionnaire on my website for you guys to go and fill out about film ideas and stuff so yeah stay tuned and yeah anyway we'll probably see you a bit later on these were planning what to do for lunch to this yeah see you later whereas also gone so again leading waging alpha are you doing are you doing outside he's sleeping it's probably tired up the walk so we just had a bit of an event happen it just started tipping it down again and we had

realized we had left washing out in the garden out there overnight and so it was getting quite and went so yeah we just wanted ran out yeah alphas just following me around now it's got up yeah anyway we're still planning what to eat lunch see ya see you later hey guys so after a very filling lunch and yeah we going to go and go take alpha out for a bit of a walk and yeah unfortunately the lunch people had forgotten some dessert um yeah we called them up and told them and then they were because they had taken a while and it would be great if they were a bit more timely but anyway i hope the drives getting better yeah we're going to head for walk so yeah I shall see you later hey guys so I have basically finally packed up so my bags are there and yeah I'm just getting ready to leave in a bit because i'm going back home and yeah preparation for summer school starts oh yeah i may probably see you at home i'm in that case oh yeah see you later i'll see you whenever I do hello guys washes up so currently I got back a while ago probably a couple of hours ago now back home and now it is 833 in the evening and yeah we've had

some dinner and you know / lacks a bit I've just started work on my grandpa's documentary which will take a while to actually get it completely finished so i'm going to make first cut of it which will be very very simple ok not much cutting out stuff but you know it will all be there and yeah so I've left that tall to import the footage and stuff and yeah so yeah that brings us to the end of the day basically I'd like to take this opportunity to thank George's parents and George and you know his whole family basically for being so welcoming and accommodating for me to come and actually say it their house for tonight and you know spend time with George and yeah it was it was wonderful and hopefully will you know meet again soon very soon because yeah I don't know when now because you know i'm off to a summer school next not this coming week like the next week and yeah that's to get introduced to you he and yeah and the course and stuff so yeah that's going to be interesting and yeah that's pretty much it so you can expect hopefully some logs of that i'm hoping to vlog ashore 44 you know you guys to see why it's

like to um you know go and start that uni and get introduced at all so yeah so I didn't think i'll be vlogging much maybe another day before I go off to uni where we go and visit hammer would pop possibly but yeah then that I won't probably a vlog or make many other videos but yeah just cut myself after it just for your nice but anyway in the meantime don't forget to live life to the max treasure your friends and also grab every opportunity you get I shall see you when ever in the next new video ok goodnight bye