07 October 2019

Debbie Matenopoulos interviewed at American Humane Hero Dog Awards: Watch 10/21 #HallmarkChannel

https://www.redcarpetreporttv.com #RedCarpetReport's @AshleyOnCamera talks to @iamDebbieM at #HeroDogAwards before the show airs on ...

hey everyone I'm Ashley Cheney with the

red carpet report we're in Beverly Hills for my favorite event of the year the hero dog awards how's it going what an exciting time my favorite show thank you we we do our best to entertain so I'm glad it's working no it's fantastic and I love the the week leading up to this big event what's it been like getting to talk with some of the dogs the nominees and their handlers the sweet it's really extraordinary what these animals do it's and you know it's I feel like you could take just about any dog and train them to do what each one of these animals has done because all dogs are amazing they're amazing creatures that I'm constantly in awe of I each story is better than the next it's just wild a little the three-legged doggy who's the therapy dog genie is adorable then we have Gus who has just suffered horrific abuse at the hands of humans and is honestly will lick you to death one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met and I think to myself if only humans could learn a thing or two from this thing you know you the dog clearly doesn't hold any anger or grudge or resentment he's not aggressive and he

could just couldn't be sweeter and then you have sergeant Yeager of course who whose handler his owner was unfortunately passed away overseas while well protecting our country so he's very close to my heart because my husband's in the military so that was that's very you know it touched me in a deep way and then there's or the other ones other stories right there Alice Alice look any leader lady leader who's amazing oh my gosh lady leader dog also has given this woman her site her and has given her independence has given her a way that she can get around without having to rely on somebody and that alone is beautiful and then there's yeah Alice who can smell a seizure 15 minutes before and she helps a young boy truly have a life as guys you know he could die at any moment so know I grew up training my family trained Guide Dogs so I could have grown up loving dogs my whole life how did you grow up around animals I did I had a cat named sugar and a dog named Roxy and then I when I was I moved out was on my own I had a Siberian Husky named Sasha who lived to be 70 inch was amazing gosh what a great job she was she was husky

in LA hot it was tough yeah so I ended up flying her back and forth to Virginia cuz that's my family Virginia where outside of Richmond Chesterfield I'm in Richmond no way I could do weeks so many ways Sasha lived in Virginia so I can't find out what ended up happening I took her back and I didn't want her to really live there but I'd have a choice when my nieces and nephews sort of take to her like well they kept her for a month and then when I came back to get her maybe the well it became their dog but it was okay because I felt that Sasha had a better life she had a huge land to run for the Husky so I thought it was fine but she knew every time I was home and I'd go home quite often never forget and then I do chocolate labs which were just amazing as well to live to be 13 sisters and brother yeah we just sometimes I'm like we just don't deserve another love it's so great to to see tonight it's such a the difference that it makes just even having dogs present in in like a red carpet situation people's usually most carpets you know can be tense they can be done how people are on an enone freaking out and everybody hears like

it's just yeah exactly fun gay well what's up what's up next for you in the work world how are things going over at home and family amazing we are just about ready to kick off our Christmas festivities which means you know we are that is the Super Bowl for Hallmark so we're gonna be very busy gearing up for that and you know no one does yeah Christmas Mike Paul mark how do you prepare personally at home how do you prepare I mean I was just gonna say I can't even live up to it to my network my Christmas and I think it's better at all mark okay it better be it's amazing so what do I do I put a tree up we decorate we do the whole thing up a four year old so she's very excited it's like it's you know rediscovering Christmas and seeing it through the eyes of a child again it's just so magical she wanted you guys have any pets or does she wanted to eat doggies she does and we're working her right now so I'm kind of in the process to figure out who I'm gonna adopt from the show because you know I have a dog we have two dogs on the show every day sometimes or yeah so unless there's any Marquis backstage you will enjoy the show thank you so

much keep up the good work yes all right everyone thank you so much for watching if you liked what you saw go ahead and give this video a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe to our channels for more interviews right here and let us know in the comments who's at your