13 March 2019

Decluttering- Advice for Pet Sitters

hey guys this Colleen Sedgwick from

panty coach a company I created to help pet sitting business owners bunch grow and multiply their businesses and today is the topic that I so love talking about hold very dear to my heart and that is the topic of decluttering I don't want to talk about that but I'm telling you decluttering is not only good for your mind and your soul but it's good for attracting abundance into your life and you may think I'm crazy but I'm not so a regular practice of decluttering not only the space in which you work the space in which you live but also decluttering your mind by doing a thought download and getting rid of all of those icky thoughts and kind of organizing them it's part of my daily practice when my family leaves in the morning I take 15 minutes and I do a swoop around my entire house everything has its place everything goes away I go absurdly morning I do my morning my morning meditation practice I come down to my perfectly organized and clean office and I am like ready to go it's a place that I feel productive in it's a place I love being so let's talk about your space do you have an office space and if you do what does it look like how

about your desk if you open your desk drawer do you have your pens organize your rubber bands organize can you just grab your stapler is everything in its space if you are using paper files which I don't think you should be anymore at this day and age but if you are how do you have those organized as paper just taking over your life if so maybe it's time to let it go maybe you should get a scanner and start scanning those to become digital files on your computer let's talk about your computer and the desktop is it filled with all files with no rhyme or reason that's automatically gonna create chaos in your mind second you start up your computer in the morning I personally organize my business using Dropbox and Google Drive and I have everything numbered and organized I can find anything I'm looking for in a hot minute as well as my team everything has its place what else about your office how is like the feeling of your office is it a place that you like to be it's a place that really gets your creative juices going um what about your car a lot of you guys are out still during the pet-sitting is it like a bomb went off with you know

fast food bags and files and papers and keys how about keys oh my god keys keys used to stressed me out because it was one thing that I really had difficulty keeping organized what how do you have them organized now I as most of you know I went to use in lat boxes so I got rid of that problem but if you're using keys how are you organizing them all of these things are really important and I challenge you this week so we're to get it but we're gonna be in February soon I challenge you for the month of February to make this the month that you get your life and your business organized cuz guess what when you get rid of things and declutter things and read kundo says bless everything that's come into your life that you are like I give you the permission to let it go when you get rid of all of that stuff you are creating space in your life to attract more abundance in to your life I promise you it is not some hokey thing this is true get rid of it you don't need it you don't need it anymore why are you holding on to these things as women I know a lot of us when we receive gifts from people we feel like we need to be grateful for them and we need to keep

that honor the gift thank you I really love this gift with somebody else this would serve somebody else better and don't eat it if you are not using it if it is not serving a purpose if you don't love it it's time get rid of it so I'm talking about your office and talking about your bedroom talking about your family room talking about your car talking about everything everything should have a its own place all right and when you do this I really really want you to take note of your productivity and how it automatically increases and watch the abundance start flowing into your life and check out tightening up with Murray kundo and her book the magic of tidying up she is so cute I like her so much but I really hope this serves you it is and even those that you you guys really I'm already good you know I'm already pretty organized it's a pillar practice right so I take my 15-minute loop every morning put everything away and everything is good to go and I am practice so I challenge you guys to start doing that for yourselves and I machine you lots and lots of abundance into your life and into your businesses

all right guys I'm wishing you a great day take care bye [Music] you