04 August 2014

Dental Care For Pets (1 August 2014)

This is how South Africa's veterinary dental specialists would recommend you care for your dogs and cats' teeth.

as the pain of arthritis load your dog

or cat down ask your vet about your free bag of pills prescription diet JD today believe it or not taking care of your dog's teeth is as important as looking after your own Bob and I from expresso paid a little visit to the vet to see if Bob's pearly whites are in good condition not all of our four-legged friends can have a killer smile like Bob but they should have in fact all jokes aside dental care is where the holistic health of your dog really begins so we've brought him to dr. tap for his regular checkup Kemboi i dr. diagram how are you welcome good in you I'm very good thanks and can I produce over hello Bob made in paper so new friend to see you and we got my boy when we could pop see Oh cry let's get this little cut off you hello Bob oh we go my doctor why is it so important to check up on our dogs oral health regularly how does it fit into the more holistic view on your dog's health we need to keep the animals teeth clean because if you consider the teeth in the mouth dogs are 42 teeth and in the long we can keep them the better and the disease thoughts or fire procare accumulates on the teeth surface and if we don't remove the clock it becomes

calculus and that's not only unsightly but it also leads to bad breath and things like getting a dog when should we start with these checkups what is the correct age and how often should we be bringing our little best friend in ideally the first checkup should happen when as you love the puppies are born because there are some diseases that can occur that are inherited or that are present at birth and those can be picked up and dealt with them at their time but otherwise we would examine it first of all it the first time they come in for an examination for their vaccinations and then we'd like to get into a brushing regime so the dog is the teeth brushed and regular basis to keep them clean now what are some of the signs that you'll be looking out for for healthy gums and teeth and then obviously though the bads signs as well I think at home the first sign of bad dental disease is going to be that the the pit has bad breath you know often hit owners will kiss their animals which is sometimes a bit scary when HML very aware of course up objects lots of kisses a boy his breath is good so that that's great but yeah and bad

breath is something that we will see and then when it progresses beyond that we find that the animal might rub its face or when it eats food there might be some bleeding or even some bleeding into the food bowl or the water bowl so those are signs that the end one has some dental disease now we do have helped in our diet the diet for the dogs and we've got foods available that actually take care of the brushing for us for me on the science behind that if you can demystifies one of the foods that we use is Hills TD and it has a racial fiber matrix inside the biscuit and rather than the biscuit disintegrating when the dog bites it the biscuit maintains its form and the teeth sink into the basket and there's physical cleansing of the teeth itself so it actually helps you sort of brush the teeth because the farmers hold the biscuit together it's not something that cracks and it's gone it's it's something that the dog has to chew physically and then it follows the biscuit and that in during the training process causes physical cleansing of the teeth well you've been such a brave boy are you ready for your checkup hey so let's have a look at your teeth ok so

missing one or two which is probably normal for his breed then also the the lower jaw is protruding very slightly which is also typical for his breed of dog which is great these teeth are actually very nice and clean wonderful I know but we're going to take a look inside your market that's ok so I'm going to stack up just briefly and then we can take a nice look inside say uh oh good or what a good boy oh there we go wasn't that jade was it boy yeah I put a small blue torture that laughs to shine onto his teeth and this torch has a specific wavelength that shows up in o'clock that's actually on his teeth so those pearly whites oh boy there we go and if we shine inside there oh wow look there's a spot a little bit of block which means that we need to just concentrate our brushing on that point ok great oh good shots are all a war then dr. if you can summate for me Bob's oral health and what we could possibly do to improve it Bob mouth looks very good his gums are nice and healthy and his teeth are nice and clean there are a few spots of clock on the teeth that daily brushing would would sort out something else that we can do for Bob's

daily maintenance at home is to feed him a diet that will help clean the teeth something like the hills TD that has the the father technology that keeps the biscuit together gives the integrity so that they can chew into it and physical clean it and then also look at providing him with toys that would help to clean the teeth is without causing damage to the teeth you know you give them anything that can cause damage to his teeth brushing your dog's teeth is part of a good dental care regime your vet can recommend a brush as well as products best suited to your dog such a good boy I am very proud of our but his health is in great shape because it takes care of his teeth at least we as his owners do and you should as well and the easy answer Hills prescription diet can ensure that those teeth have gum stay healthy between visits to the dentist okay good boy high five high five good boy has the pain of arthritis slowed your dog or cat down ask your vet about your free bag of pills prescription diet JD today