12 March 2019

Designer.Doodle Service Dog vest review/ Bodie not focusing for 13min straight

hehe hey how are you guys?? Bodie is my service dog in training for all my psychiatric disabilities. Remember never fake a service dog and only get one if you ...

hey guys so I'm Christina and this is my

service dog Bodie so guys today I got my oh my gosh I forgot at 8:00 okay so today I got my Google glass this is actually gonna be his foots bed and he's first Bingham actually has ever had on him except a leash and a collar but also also it may be open and I may have opened it because I have them self-control I can tell you already extremely thick [Music] it is just delight in go I don't know okay so I'm gonna type in spy because I don't want you guys to see the other side and that's partly why okay before I show you know bad what am I even talking about you could literally see you I don't even understand myself I can't and show you okay wait okay I just gotta so this is oh my is it not I hope hey why do I get distracted literally so much like all the time I think I have a problem my gosh rainbow galaxy um vest with added velcro you're making a lot of noise but anyways um he's in my way okay we get back okay and I added um so eating is a Velcro and it all equals $52 because shipping was $10 but yeah um so are you ready okay even see look look at it

jeez look at it it is so pretty okay so the lighting here doesn't really do it justice but look look so I'm gonna be buying a pull strap bullet and pockets are always included ID name and their o my penis okay I know Hugh and I didn't see this before so it actually has a kiss sheet and daily business code I can show you I'll show you close-up because if I show you right now it's gonna be upside down but um sale it is and the wait time oh my gosh what are you doing good okay see wait I'm is okay okay what the wait time is about a month which is actually pretty good because everything is handmade and it's like extremely customizable and she did not I bought this is my own money and everything so I'm not paid to say nothing because nobody wants to pay me any rain right yes okay but it's like it's really a soft you can't man it doesn't even do it that good okay we it's like so much brighter in the light but anyways I had to get in touch to Lush cuz he's pretty big he's real thick um and about that I actually have to like look out with him

so I don't work out with him like every day after training because he's getting like pretty sick so yeah no offense but oh yeah get it here we go okay anyways hey buds yeah Louisville look at the cam oh my gosh okay look at the camera look it okay no but look there you go so I'm actually gonna really hope it fits him it probably will because I had a few inches to go and let's go super thick but not that thick I'm not calling you fat Hey okay so I mean okay awesome this is his um like I said first ones I don't know if you give a shine on her name oh my gosh but I'm gonna hope he's not oh my gosh stop it okay wait let me put this away I'm struggling okay oh my god Hey okay wait can they see you yes they can't okay leave it alone oh my god Sam wait oh he's pretty sick wait you mean someone oh wait take it off okay wait okay okay so I did don't go over there wait come back come back come on oh yeah good boy yeah thank you

hi oh my gosh okay wait okay okay lay down thank you okay just what you guys know um he wasn't really training then oh nothing so that's why he was so crazy so yeah it is do anal I think it changed yeah way buddy wait yeah there we go okay why's the cutest thing oh look at him look at him like excuse me excuse me look at you oh my god it's clothing bag look at you oh but come here hey come here can you sit ok so it's probably different angle again well so that was our cue my second time falling and um I'm extremely clumsy so this is what happened me right before that have done I just I don't even talk also he's not Jewish I at all like he doesn't care [Music] [Music] is the best thing I purchase then now I have no money it's the best thing though like I don't have hair it's a beautiful you look so pretty you're so pretty I don't even care that I don't have a penny any more home but I don't have a

coin I guess that's the another video thank you and thank you to design a doodle here and [Music]