19 April 2019

Details to Starting a Pet Sitting Business

In this video I talk about some of the basic details to successfully starting and owning a pet sitting business as a teenage entrepreneur.

hello everyone welcome back to my

youtube channel my name is Jake and this is the teenage entrepreneur today I wanted to talk about a pet sitting and pet walking business so again I have some statistics on my computer last time I made a video about lawn care business so if you'd like to watch that please feel free to check that out today I'm again as I said going to be talking about a dog walking and a dog sitting service so I just went to the Internet and kind of looked some stuff up for prices in my area but first to start out a good way to market this is if you lived in your neighborhood a long time you can you know you kind of know who has dogs and who doesn't and whatnot you can you know go to their house and say you know I know I saw that you have a dog or two dogs or whatever and say you know I'm starting a dog sitting and dog walking business I was wondering if you'd be interested in being my client so you could you know give them a price range and how long you can walk their dog and how short different stuff like that but you know if you really love pets this can be a great way to make money and it can be pretty steady income throughout the year so for dog walking

service again it depends on where you live and you know how long you want to walk the dog and you know the neighborhood and the type of dog and the number of dogs that you're walking and all that kind of stuff but where I live it's giving me a price range of anywhere from twenty to forty dollars an hour um so yeah ah if you do bike half an hour mo obviously it's just happier not half an hour dog walk it's just half of that so you do you know now walk you charge ten to twenty dollars or you know just see what they're willing to pay and this is a great way to be around pets you get to be outside and it's a good way to make some money so then also if you see that people who have pets and go out of town a lot it's a good way to make money as well so um you know instead of having to send their dog to a kennel where they can get sick easily they have to be away from home and don't get you know to be at their house and be treated the best maybe you know and it kennels can usually be pretty expensive ranging anywhere from twenty-five dollars a day you know up to forty dollars a day all the way up to $150 a week but you know

if they're out of town you know you could go over to their house and let their dog out you know two or three times a day and you know just charge maybe I I have about sixteen dollars and 80 cents an hour was the average in 2018 but you know anywhere in that 14-day dollar eighteen dollar price range would be good some are cheaper you know again a lot of it's how much experience do you have with this you know and what's is there any competition in your area but just to crunch some numbers if you got like three or four clients I'll just do the math for one for now but yeah so if you have you know one dog that you're walking for let's say $15 an hour and you walk two dogs for half an hour so that would be 15 because you just divide that by two but then there's two dogs so you multiply that by two again so 15 times you do that three times a week and that's $45 a week which isn't bad for just two dogs for half an hour and then if you multiply that by you know if you do that every week so maybe 50 weeks because there's some times they would be home that's two thousand two hundred fifty dollars just from walking two dogs for

half an hour three times a week you know now obviously this is just kind of a number it's gonna depend on where you live and how much your clients are willing to pay and you know how often you walk the dogs and how many dogs there aren't you might want to do like a bundle where if they have like two or three dogs they get it or you know maybe two dollars or four dollars off so then instead of charging them you know the $15 an hour then you charge them like $13 an hour with two dogs or $14 an hour with three dogs or whatever but then you're still making a good amount of money and this isn't that much work because I said you know 30 minutes times you know you're working 90 minutes a week so 30 minutes times you know three days it's 90 minutes like I said so now and a half a week now you scale your business and this is a good business because it's really scalable and it's really manageable and like you can do that a lot so that's you know just 90 minutes and then times the fifty weeks I said you know you're making you're working you know not that long you're working 4,500 minutes now if you divide that by 60

you're just working 75 hours which for 75 hours to get paid $2,250 that's pretty good you know and that's only charging $15 an hour so now to the dog-sitting numbers if you wash your dog at their house you know you charge let's say $14 an hour or let's use that you let's use $15 an hour because that's what we used last time it's a $15 an hour and say it takes you you know maybe two hours when you you know you let the dog out you clean up after it you check on it you kind of play with it you feed it maybe so that's about two hours if you do that twice a day um you know so then about $60 just for doing that twice a day the you know with like two two hours um anyway so if you did that like for two days you'd be making $60 a dog if you'd let them out twice and that totaled up to two hours you'd be making $60 over two days so in one day could make like thirty dollars by letting the dog out for two hours and that if they were gone for a week then you know you just multiply that by however many days then you get you know two hundred and ten dollars which is pretty good money and that's just for

one dog and I think this business might be a little bit harder not the dog sitting part of it I mean because like a dog walking business that's reoccurring a lot but a dog washing I mean it's convenient to offer that and I would still offer that because you can make pretty good money but I wouldn't just do the dog sitting if I was going to do one or the other I'd offer just the dog walking so that's just a as I said a steady stream of income you can make that throughout the year you know I watch my neighbors dog when they're out of town but yeah if you love pets this is a great way to make money so thank you so much for watching please subscribe if you'd like to see more content like this like if you enjoyed and any feedback please feel free to leave in the comments down below thank you so much for watching bye