25 April 2019

Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals Rolly Slime Belly Full of Toys Surprises

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hi friends it's Renee here from jolly

kid trolley my friend Bob is going out of town and he asked if I could help watch his little puppies while he's gone we have two puppies and they each come with a carrying case inside here we have bingo inside this one we have Rollie Bob asked if I could feed them and take care of them while he was gone you think you can help me do that if you want to feed bingo and Roley give this video a big thumbs up we have two little dishes here one and two and then we have two things of food this one is especially for Rowley especially for bingo let's pour Roley some food and now let's pour some for bingo to open up this travel carrier get bingo out and let's give him some food I think Bingo likes all the food but thanks so much for my food guys it is delicious no it's time for my bro Roli I think I might go take a nap now that my belly's full we're at AC when you need her now that bingo is going to take a nap we'll go ahead and close it back up and now we're gonna feed Roli let's get rolling bolt and the Cape his travel case what is going on in here I can't even pull it straight I'll open this up

and see what is going on so that we can feed Roli Oh Roli what have you been doing bob is not going to be happy with me look what Roli is been eating huh does anyone know what kind of candy this is oh my gosh he's gonna have such a tummy ache sandy there's yellows and greens and Red's oh why don't you drink some water Roley oh do you hear that oh my goodness I feel so bad I think the water in the girl and the candy you're making my stomach hurt and I'm getting sick Oh No what are we gonna do that water mixed with the gumballs must've made slime Valley or poor Rolly do you think that we can fix him and help him and make him feel so much better I need to get really better before Bob gets home but there feels like there's stuff in here if you want to help out Rolly let's give it a big thumbs up all right I think there's something underneath here let's go ahead and dig in here it says uniform figure and sticker 100% unicorn inside there's 18 different fuzzy friends to collect oh my gosh pretty she is I haven't opened one of these before I'm so excited to see her look at her crown and

her wings are gorgeous and she's got soft body and soft blue tail and of purple horn she's so cute it says my unicorn ain't my homework sorry that's the sticker how funny is that go her name is Ryan she's so cute I'm so glad we got Ryan out of this lime belly on to the next one if I poke here maybe some of them will pop up to the top poke poke oh look at this we have a wreckit-ralph proof internet and this is one of the little final figures let's see who we have a little little metal it says you are my hero it's from vanellope how cute I haven't got Ralph before well he served rex roley's tummy how are you doing Roli better keep going No let's see what else is in here let's dig dig dig oh I almost got whatever this one is how oh oh mine this has slime belly all over it this is dare to unbox the bite these are the little big bites series 1 we rip right open here and then we very carefully poker it's a Yeti we've had him before but he's so cool he's blue and has a crazy Yeti hair and look at these teeth and then he's

signed here is another blank bag and it gives you a little and this one looks like a little perfume bottle look at him he's so feisty really what else you got in there let's bow my gosh this says who's your lone AMA it's a mystery pack series 1 and it has all these different kinds of Lamas you can get and they can do one of four silly things wink Schmitt grin or have a tongue out I'm really really hoping that we get the fairy Lama let's see if we can get her Oh her dressed here she is all dressed in her jelly apron outfit and she is named le lamina and she gives a nice little smile ready [Music] she's so cute Angie's a little shut up look at all this it has eggs on top is that everything really really is there anything else in there oh let me dig this out of here this out whoa this is a smushy mushy bestie it's a candy and a surprise age of three in one candy bag and these are the babies series one there's candy a charm bracelet and collect your card and candy [Music] [Music]

no eating things that are not food it's cute bracelet she has a little this one is a little piece of strawberry cake it is so cute and these are the 13th St turns that we can collect this is the one that we got how adorable no martini for you though Rowley oh I think there's one more surprise left in this belly see if we can get it out but it feels like a big one so I'm gonna need your health state we can do it yeah we did it yeah uh yeah his name is Sally Manor and he is a little salamander let's open him up and see how he works this is the louder you yell the faster they go go Sally [Music] so how are we doing really I think everything that's out Oh feeling much better feels so good thanks so much for Alby night good stretch hey guys what did I miss oh you know big nose our Scott spline belly what my belly it's okay our jolly kit trolley fans helped him feel all better can we all say thank you to them and make sure you subscribe to this channel so that you can see more slime value videos bye guys