13 March 2019

Disney world vlog - a day at Epcot with my service dog

being at Disney world with a dog is CRAZY. it was such a fun day and also such a hard day so I hope you enjoy the little clips I got throughout the day and that it ...

welcome to Jovi's channel apparently oh

she looks so sweet on the camera I promise she's not that sweet in person hi guys oh my gosh my voice I don't know if you I'm talking I'm talking I don't know if you guys can tell I'm kind of losing my voice right now it's not going so well from in the car we are currently on our way to Disney World it's about 1:30 we're going to Epcot today it's the flowering garden festival so we're gonna get our Pass Holder magnets and just look at some of the flowers look at the gardens you know just have a Disney day if you guys don't know and you're wondering why we have our dog with us this is actually my service dog that I'm training so she's allowed in the parks obviously so we're gonna be documenting that today seeing how that goes I'm a little nervous for it we took her to Disney springs the other day and she did really well there so I'm hoping she does well at Cod but who knows I'll see you laters don't know the age of 14 opportunity where you're subject to insecurities the advances that mysticism welcome to our special Oh

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] that was scary all right we just took Jovian figment we got in and we were looking for fast fastest to see if there were any left and we got two fast passes one for Figment like right now cuz obviously we just did it I whatever and then we got one for meeting the characters like it's Mickey Minnie Pluto and goofy Goofy's gonna be rough or jovi cuz he's taller than scary but I'm really excited for them to meet Jill she did fairly good on figment but now she's a little scarred so that was an event now we're going to film there should we go to the bathroom and get her some water let's get her some water okay so we're gonna go over to the land we're gonna get Joe be some water maybe as some fluid if you're hungry that's pretty please don't we're turning a Jovi to go to the bathroom right now but she's very distracted and doesn't really want to so that's fun we just ate some food at the land no Jovi's chewing on a water bottle so that's always good so far it's been very interesting having a

dog at Epcot there are a lot of people looking at me a lot of people saying things about me that I can very clearly hear and I don't know if they think that I'm deaf but I'm not we're over behind Sigmund and the bathrooms over here because that's where the animal relief area is so we're over at the bathrooms behind pigman and it's actually a really nice bathroom so like if you're an Epcot and you don't like to go where there's a lot of people come over to Figment because this bathroom is awesome there's like nobody in there now we're going to Nemo and do the Nemo ride and then look at some animals maybe and then I don't know what else [Music] did that's so cute and it's a wallet amazing a little mini backpack you can get the matching shirt with the mini backpack with the matching wallet and match all the year tears just it's crazy okay this shirts mom looks like something grandma would wear yes it does no joke if you are going to Disney and you have little kids Epcot has set up all of these little like park areas that look so fun and I

wish I was small enough to fit on them because I totally would they looked so fun and there's these little umbrellas and cute little Adirondack chairs for the parents or grandparents to sit in that would be great if like you as a parent need a break or if your kid needs a break from all of the stressful Disney stuff go to Epcot [Music] hi baby right now we're just chillin I'm some grass cuz it's been a long day she's tired she's done a lot of work I'm tired I've done a lot of work now what I think we're gonna do once we're done just chillin for a little bit we're gonna go look at some of the topiaries at the Disney characters we're gonna go to Mexico get a margarita get some chips and salsa and then go and meet some characters and go home [Music] yeah look at that there's your friends counselors are beautiful I Goofy's but it's so pretty through here with all the like bushes and the flowers I love it can't really see with the Sun but it's so pretty over there all the flowers and figments buildings so proud of him have

a whole pyramid Jim sell with our heart I love it if you we do we in the Louie [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] midnight Ranger [Music] [Applause] [Music] my train Joby's ready to go home though my last best pass she we're officially at home I'm exhausted so is Jovi's she ain't her bed already ready to sleep although she did get into some leftover coffee as soon as we got home so that's for sure how well she's gonna sleep either way I'm gonna sleep great because that was an exhausting day I'm so tired it's a lot of work trying to vlog and having a puppy and trying to train that puppy to be super good and dealing with horrible people for the most part a lot of people are really nice about jovi and everything but there are others who aren't so nice and aren't so good but

anyways Epcot was super fun we didn't end up going to see spot we didn't end up getting to see the characters because well we got chips and salsa and queso instead and we just didn't make it over in time but that's okay we will go another time sometime soon and I will make sure to show you guys Jovie meeting some characters because I think that will be really fun I hope you guys like this video if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you want thanks for watching guys bye [Music] you [Music]