21 August 2018

DIY Piña Colada Frozen Dog Treats!

DIY Piña Colada Frozen Dog Treats! Home made dog treats for the summer. These are so delicious that you might want to eat them for yourself. Don't forget to ...

Hey guys, so today we got a really special

treat planned for the dogs. It's really hot outside so I figured we'd make some frozen Pina-Colada treats. They're really easy all you need is three ingredients. It's gonna be one pineapple, one banana, and one cup of coconut milk. So let's get started. First thing I'm gonna do is put the banana in the blender. This is Sky's favorite fruit, so we figured we'd add it in to the treat. You guys want it? You want to try it? One bite, small, good job. Kakoa, no Kakoa just oh okay. So... they really, really love banana. No, you had your bite. So, I'm just going to add one extra banana since they ate most of that one. Next we're going to cut up the pineapple. All you have to do is, be careful of the dogs, cut off the top of it. And you're going to cut around the core, and just scoop out the rest of the contents of the pineapple into the blender. You guys want to try pineapple? They've never had pineapple so let's see if they like it. You wanna try it? Good girl. Looks like Kakoa likes it.

You want more? Sky? (tropical music) So once you guys scoop out all of the pineapple, you could go ahead and just (laughs) pour the rest of the juice into the blender. And we're gonna add one cup of organic coconut milk, it's unsweetened. A great thing about these treats is that all three ingredients are really good for their skin and coat. So there's one cup of the coconut milk, and then I'm going to be right back and I'm going to blend it. (blender running) Alright so now that we've got it blended up we're going to pour it into these little silicone ice cube trays. We got little fruit shapes but really any ice cube tray will do. We're gonna let the dogs taste it first. You guys wanna try it? Sky? Oh yeah, Sky loves it. And Kakoa, she can't wait her turn. I knew you'd love it. So we're gonna pour it in. No Kakoa. Alright so this part might be a little bit easier if you put the dogs down. Alright so Sky wants to behave

so she gets to watch me up here. So with these treats pineapple and coconut are both... Kakoa! They're both only recommended in moderation because of the natural sugars and things like that. So we found that probably about an hour in the freezer is good, before they're good to go and to eat. So we're gonna just pop these in the freezer, and then we'll be back to show you the finished product. Alright so here's the finished product. We got these cute little treats. You can see we've got some pineapples going, a couple watermelons and strawberries. Let's see how they like them. What do you think? I think they both approve of it. Alright well I know the dogs loved filming that video, but if you guys liked watching it, give it a big thumbs-up, and comment down below some recipe ideas you'd like to see us make.